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Alkaline Diet

Victoria Beckham's known for being super skinny. She has definitely tried some of the craziest diets around, I remember reading that all she ate was frozen peas while she was in Spice Girls. Funnily enough, as soon as that information was released thousands of girls all start doing the same - Hoping to achieve a slender frame like Victoria. 

Recently it was announced that Melanic C (Mel C) was following the same diet that Victoria Beckham's currently on which is the Honestly Healthy Alkaline Diet. As crazy as some of her other diets have been this one is actually genius and I first tried this about a year back. 

Granted Mel C looks amazing now, but this diet isn't easy. With so much temptation it can be tough sticking to its strict rules. Basically, you eat food that is primarily alkaline, if you can remember your years from science alkaline falls around 7.35 on the PH scale. Most of the junk foods we eat are very acid forming and when your body becomes too acidic it struggles to work effectively and illness takes over. 

Did you know cancer only grows in an acidic body, I learned that about two years back when I was doing a cancer health course as part of my degree? An alkaline body also increases your risk of kidney stones, pain and immune disorders, mental health issues and hormonal problems. 

I also used an alkaline diet when trying to cure my terrible pregnancy heartburn. I eventually learned that pears are acidic outside of the body but when digested they become alkali and neutralise the acid in the body (heartburn). If you're pregnant I definitely recommend keeping a pear to snack on beside your bed. 

Taking a closer look at the Honestly Healthy Alkaline Diet (a mouthful isn't it... sorry bad pun) it looks tasty and relatively easy to follow as It's primarily a vegetarian diet. The tasty recipes that stood out include strawberry and coconut ice-cream, curried sweet potato and hot chocolate... Yum! There are so many more recipes out there if you Google.

Taking a minute to look at the picture above it's clear to see that this diet is a sensible one rather than a fad, I'm actually quite surprised that Victoria's following such a sensible diet and I think it's one I might try and do again, not for the weight loss but more for the health-boosting properties. 

Have you tried the alkaline diet? What was your opinion of it? 


  1. Victoria Beckham was in Girls Aloud ;)


    1. AHAHAHA, ooops can you tell I'm flued up to the gills and on pain killers lol. Shall go update that just now, thank you x

  2. I dont think I could give up the protein and the carbs! Everything in moderation is the key.

  3. For optimum cellular and system functioning, the body must maintain a slightly alkaline pH. By having this ideal pH balance, our health and energy are maximized, as is our resistance to disease and premature aging.

    The most important organs we have to protect against acid buildup are our kidneys and lungs (followed by the skin). Our kidneys regulate acid-alkaline balance in the bloodstream and eliminate solid/fixed acids through urination. When excessive amounts of acid are present in the bloodstream, the kidneys dilute and neutralize these harmful acids. read more: www.alkalineforlife.com


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