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Are You Not Getting Those Blog Views?

As bloggers we do without fail rely on readers visiting our sites otherwise would it not be more worthwhile writing our thoughts for only our eyes to read? This is even truer in the case of professional bloggers and those bloggers who are actively aiming to reach those sorts of crazy levels in the blogging world. The truth is without readers we wouldn't even be considered for many of the opportunities that come with professional blogging and to blog without brand and PR help could become a very expensive hobby.

Even if you don't accept products to review, sponsored posts, affiliate links or other similar monetising programs it's still nice to know that you have those opportunities if you should need them. I know I would rather test a product and give a genuine review rather than blog about a product I had never seen nor touched. As you can guess I do on occasion personally accept certain products for consideration, but they are just that - for consideration. I personally don't attend events as I'm just simply too busy and I don't work with affiliates because my mind boggles at the simplest of things, affiliates just confuse the heck out of me.

Seeing your numbers rise can be a huge reward, you know you're contributing to something that others have taken the time to read, time out of their own lives and for me that's pretty huge. So why do some blogs find that their numbers just aren't rising and people seem to have stopped reading their blog?

Here are my top ten suggestions on why you're not getting those views.

1. Layout: Adjust your widths. It's a complete bugbear of mine when you see a blog that has buttons, ads and custom sections that DON'T fit into their template width. The same goes for pictures that fall out with the post edges, adjust those picture sizes guys!

Also consider your color, theme and blog style. Do you have lots of colours? Varied fonts or excessively girly, curly or swirly fonts? These can be confusing too. Stick to a few colours to make your blog look less busy.

2. No visible subscription or contact details: People forget things plain and simple, remembering to return to your blog however to check if you have posted can be the last thing on their mind. Most readers like to subscribe so they don't have to keep on returning offering a few methods will make it easier for them. Email subscription and Bloglovin are what I use; these two options send your readers your posts by email which is really convenient for all around.

3. Ad’s: Irrelevant ads can make your blog look desperate as can excessive amounts. Adding ad bar's at the top and bottoms with ads at the sides and 'some' add them to their blog post space is simply too much. Readers are visiting to read great content and to take some 'me' time out of their hectic lives, the last thing they want is to be bombarded with ads. If you are monetising with ads pick ones that YOU love and you know your readers will benefit from.

Maybe you blogged about your favourite company, why not add a similar company as an ad button. Changing your ad buttons regularly will keep it fresh and your readers will realise you're choosing them to benefit them rather than dupe them into clicking or purchasing.

4. Your writing sucks: I know this is so harsh and apologies as I don't really like being so blunt however, readers won't be so kind and sucky writing that's uninspiring, shows no personality or has no unique style or voice isn't going to draw in readers. Here's an example:

*This is Nails Inc. polish in floral garden; it costs £5 and is great for using in your French polishes. The polish applies nicely and comes in two sizes, it's really cute.


*Kate Middleton recently rocked the polka dot dress when announcing Prince George's arrival to the nation. Some say she wore it to commemorate the late Diana who also donned a similar dress after having William. If you're still feeling cray-cray over the Royal Birth and want to get in on this polka dot action Nails Inc. Floral Garden is the way to go. White polka dots go with every base colour - Fact. Similarly White nail polish makes a great base to give your sheer polishes some oomph. It does come in two sizes so you can keep one at home and pop one in your makeup bag for when you're out and about.

See how the second option describes why I'm blogging about said Nails Inc. polish, it also gives the readers some imaginative suggestions without sounding as though I'm trying to push sales on them.

5. Your blog is too busy:  Adverts, favourite blogger lists, links, affiliate buttons, advertiser buttons, follow me buttons and post archives and tag can make your blog super busy and confusing. Organising your buttons and layout so that only the important buttons are visible will make your blog more of a delight to visit.  Try keeping your social media buttons up the top along with your main methods of subscribing (mine are Bloglovin and email RSS)

Do you really need that whacking great list of 'tags', why not just add a search option? Restrict your advertisers to the area below eye-level and ensure your posts are in the middle at eye-level.

6. Captchas and security measures:  Register to comment, activate your account, copy these captchas, what's X add X? These measures can put readers off engaging with your blog. If it continually happens then those readers may stop visiting because they know they cannot engage and finally think 'What's the point.' I'd advise turning off captchas if you can. I know on Blogger you can on the security section. Still not sure? Why not start a month’s trial without any captchas and see if it starts to pick up.

7. You don't engage yourself: Not replying to comments can feel like a slap in the face to some readers. I know we all make mistakes and forget but doing it to urgent comments or every comment is just plain rude. Try to aim for replying to all comments if you can, of course those that just say 'follow me' or are advertising don't need responses all of the time.

8. Photography: Humans are visual creatures. Try to aim for at least one picture or photograph in each post. You could try taking your own photo's but try to ensure they are clear, light and close enough to see the actual product or swatch.  If you're not confident with photography you can always use Pixlr or Pic Monkey to alter them beforehand. 

Also if you're using someone else's pictures or pictures from the official site always link them to the original source, give credit to the right people and never steal photos.

9. Posting: Do you only post product, events or service reviews? Do you write exceptionally long posts or simple short posts, maybe you only copy and paste press releases or you don't include photographs. These are all reasons why readers may stop visiting your blog. Find your own voice and never just copy press releases word for word. Keep your posts on point and tell us a little bit more. I try to use - Who, what, why, where, how rules when writing my posts.

Another biggie is not posting regularly or posting regularly then disappearing for months just to return with a 'oops sorry I've been away, my bad I must try to blog more.' Readers will stop relying on your posts and head somewhere else.

10. Bad spelling: You must spell check. I admit I am terrible at punctuation having left school too early punctuation is something I'm still learning. I rely on spell check, it there are red lines underneath it means your words are spelled incorrectly. If you're not confident with spelling or punctuation why not type your post into Word and copy and paste it over?

Remember once you post something it will always remain on the net. You're posts are a reflection of yourself so always put everything you have into it as you never know who might eventually read your blog. 

Bear in mind my views are just that, personal views. I would advise asking some blogger friends or social media friends to honestly give you some feedback. Keep in mind that all feedbacks good feedback.


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