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Mini Xen-Tan's Now Available

I've tried and tested and then re-tried my baby Moroccan Xen-Tan, Dark Lotion and Body Scrub, enough to say they are ah-mazing. I've since got the full-sized products so I will be posting more on those later. 

I am one of those ghostly skinned girls, I don't tend to tan or burn easily but I do go beetroot red, puffy and then hyper-pigmentation sets in. I was just saying over on Facebook that I have so much newfound respect for American beauty bloggers (or any beauty blogger living in a hotter country than Scotland). They always look so primped and put together, whereas I, on the other hand, turn in to a red, puffy mess. I have no idea how they manage to look perfect. Even as we speak I am sitting in my vest top sweltering and it's blooming 1am! 

So, if you're like me and you're scared of fake tans, scared of getting that infamous tangoed look or turning in to a streaky mess fret no more. Seriously I applied the Xen-Tan generously and left it all day. It does say 3 hours but I actually liked the product colour on my skin as it was. I washed it off at night and it does fade slightly leaving you with a natural, non-streaky glow. 

I did use the scrub for two days prior to using the tan, I was that worried I'd become a streaky mess. I am completely 100% sold on that scrub alone. It smells like peppermint and the scrubby bits give you a rough scrub without causing damage, they actually melt away leaving the product to resemble more of a cleanser than a bright turquoise scrub. It's delish. 

Xen-Tan decided to release these super cute miniature versions for 'tan-phobes' to test out before committing to the full-sized product. They cost a teeny £3.99 and there's enough (in my opinion) to do at least two applications.  They are also handy for popping into your suitcases to take away to far off shores.... or just the local caravan park-what ever floats your boat guys. 

You can pick them up by visiting the Xen-Tan website.


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