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Back To School - Ebay Wishlist

Back To School

It's the summer holidays and thankfully in a couple of weeks my sons will return to a new term *yay*, six weeks is too long, I love my sons I really do but they literally drive me up the wall sometimes. 

This week's Ebay wishlist was a no brainer, it had to be based on fun back to school goodies because I feel like that's all I've been shopping for over the last week or so. I've still got quite a lot to get my sons. School bags (my eldest is super fussy and into cars, Topgear, Nascar etc), jackets, trousers and shoes *ugh*. 

I absolutely love the two school bags above. The Minnie Mouse with the bow is just too cute and the Lightning McQueen shaped backpack.... so sweet.  Ironically my car loving son said he doesn't want it because he thinks it might be too attention attracting. 

I have a weakness for cute stationery items and organisational products. I absolutely fell for these hand page markers, light bulb post it's and little notebook. You can never go wrong with these types of items can you, whether you're at school or not. 

The last key items are the boring ones I know but, when you're having to replace kit, shoes or jackets because your children have gone AWOL it can be so infuriating. These customised sew in labels will stop your child's clothing and shoes from getting into someone else's hands (use your GHD's to iron on to the side of gym shoes and trainers).  If you don't manage to get these labels a great fail safe item to have is a Sharpie. 

Personalised pencils have been around since I was little. I use to plead with my mum to get me them probably because I could never get named items - She never did get me them. You can literally get anything put on those pencils, they're excellent for party bags, weddings as well as novelty presents. 

Chances are I will forget about something and have to hot foot it at the last minute, I tend to be quite organised but when it comes to the end of the holidays I'm frazzled. 

So here are some items you will need for the return to a new term. 


Trousers or Skirts 
Shirts or polo shirts 
Jumpers or cardigans 
Shorts or joggers (for the gym)
Plain t-shirts (our sons have to wear plain, boring yes I know)
Gym shoes
School shoes (we tend to opt for black trainers of some sort so combat the school    shoes and outside gym trainers debacle, I mean who has that kind of money? )
Socks and tights 
School jacket 


Pencil case
HB pencils 
Colouring pencils 
Sharpie or custom name labels
Packed lunch and water bottle

Of course you can recycle old stationery that you may have and accessories. I remember being so excited as a child picking out my new bag and jacket, it was these two key items that made me feel 'brand new' I'd advise purchasing new only so your kids aren't teased because kids can be so cruel sometimes. If money's tight why not swap with someone local to you? or check out Ebay for new or as good as new items?

How are you coping during the summer holidays? 


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