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Barry M Releases New Summer Gelly Polishes

Barry M introduces the NEW generation of high shine polish- the Summer Gelly Nail Paint collection. These were actually released in June but I'm having a bit of a summer palette crush at the moment and these just screamed Summer at me. 

Gelly formula's are a huge hit so adding a summer collection was the sensible option for Barry M. I'm a huge fan of the Gelly collection as they leave you with super glossy hi-shine nails that sort of resemble a gel polish. 

There are five new shades, these will bring the total Gelly polish collection to a total of 18 juicy shades. My ultimate favourite out of the range has been Prickly Pear which funnily enough isn't green and is a rather gorgeous pastel lilac shade. 

The summer shades are: 

Key Lime : A gorgeous glossy lime green. 
Guava : A bright turquoise polish.  
Passion Fruit : A perfect mix of pink and red.
Blue Grape : I would describe this as being the baby of purple and french blue polishes. 
Mango : A juicy orange mango shade. 

Unfortunately, this range is no longer available however, you can check out some of the other Barry M products here.

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