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Beach Wedding Dress

The long-awaited wedding invitation arrives on the doormat, opened with anticipated excitement, the date is in the diary, but the location is abroad! Initially, you’d be thinking sun, sea, sand and romantic settings, but then a dark cloud looms, then the big question is…what to wear?!

Attending a wedding abroad sounds idyllic, but there are many women who struggle to find ‘the wow dress’ designed to keep you looking ‘wow’ under the blazing heat. Never mind waterproof mascara, your list of essentials needs to include blotting powder, gallons of hairspray and ultra super dry deodorant.

Toiletries aside, the biggest challenge all women face is finding the perfect dress. Light fabrics can mean you don’t feel dressed up enough, whereas lots of bling and heavy embellishments can lead to attracting more heat and sweltering in embarrassing places.

When looking for a beach wedding dress, look for statement prints on fine fabric. This takes the attention away from a dress looking see-through and cheap. Bandeau dresses are more comfortable than corseted dresses, and for ladies who want to show off their décolletage, a halter-neck dress gives a great cleavage and neckline.

Keep accessories delicate but mix and match colours and textures. Wear footwear with a platform heel to keep ankles sturdy for walks along the sandy beaches and hitting the dance floor in the evening.


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