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Benefit They're Real Booster Set Launching Soon

Benefit's They're Real mascara is amazing it really is. I'll have a proper review for you soon but if you type They're Real into Google you will find a ton of genuine blogger reviews and swatches. 

I'm not sure exactly why it works so much better than other brands. I feel like I've tried so many mascara's over the years and none compare to this one and Artdeco's mascara. The brush on this is different, the bristles are rubbery and further spaced out - Maybe it's that? Or maybe it's the mascara itself, it does feel more liquid and looks darker than other brands. 

Either way what ever makes it so awesome is irrelevant, the main point to consider is that it works exceptionally. Benefit have recently announced that they will be launching the They're Real Booster Set. 

The set contains a They're Real Mascara and a They're Real deluxe mini which will be priced at £19.50, total bargain isn't it. Available from August 3rd at Benefit counters and on their website HERE


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  1. Sounds like a bargain! Might have to check it out when it launches. I have some Debenhams points to use.

    Sarah | Some Sparkle and Shine


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