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Bubb and Dimples Review

Bubb and Dimples recently sent me some goodies to try out. I had heard of the brand prior to receiving these and the reviews of their products have been excellent, it's fair to say I was seriously excited when Mr Postman delivered the two parcels below. 

bubb and Dimples is a homegrown business from England. I've always believed in supporting local businesses and it's always going to be something I feel strongly about. The company creates lifestyle products such as candles, skincare, bath and shower gels using only the finest ingredients. You can be sure that you won't see nasty parabens in their products.  

My first packet contained three products. Peaches and cream shea butter, body polish and rose butter cream. They are limited edition products and completely lived up to all expectations. 

The body polish smells so gorgeous, like sugared roses and the actual scrub is so fine and leaves me feeling clean and moisturised. The texture is thicker and more balmy than typical high street scrub and overall just feels more luxurious. 

The shea butter is more solid than the creams but melts onto the skin leaving me feeling smooth and silky but not greasy. The scent isn't overpowering and definitely smells fresh but sweet. 

My favourite however is the butter cream. It smells like fresh Damask roses and I don't lie when I say it has to be the best cream I've used yet. You know how I love balmy creams like boots Naked body butter? this has a similar texture. I purchased CND Solar oil a few months back, prior to that I purchased an argan oil based cuticle cream and prior to that I was using the Burt's Bees cuticle balm. I've been using them daily but they leave me feeling just as dry as most contain dry oils which leave me uncomfortable. 

Since receiving the bubb and Dimples products I stopped using the cuticle products and started to rub some of the butter cream onto my cuticles. My train of thought was that the balmy texture would protect them while leaving them feeling soft, well 1 week in my nails are strong and have no sign of damage from continual polish and gel usage. I ADORE this product!

The second packet contained two different hand and body washes and a limited edition body wash. The picture shows from left to right the limited body wash which smelled fresh like a newborn baby, the middle hand and body wash smelled faintly of roses and is my favourite of the three and finally the last hand and body wash which also smells so fresh and clean. They all cleaned really well and didn't leave my skin dry or uncomfortable. 

I've been finding that I automatically choose  the bubb and Dimples creams over any other brands, you will no doubt see these in an empties post very soon. 

You can check out bubb and Dimples over on Facebook, Twitter or their website HERE. They are also over on CrowdFunder as they are trying to raise funds to finance their business and take it to the next level. You can check out their Crowd funding page HERE. 

Edit: No longer available.

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