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Butter London Limited Edition Pop Art Collection

Butter recently released their limited edition Pop Art Collection in June. Consisting of three gorgeous bright polishes and three liquid 'lippys'. These colours scream 'summertime' and make me want to don a floral dress and head off to the distant tropical shores, but I've no such luck so I'll keep dreaming. 

The polishes are all cream (or creme) formulas which are my favourites. I love the glossy opaque look and rarely have time for scant or sheer polishes so these were always going to be a hit in my eyes. 

Butter London polishes consistently hit so many trends on the head that they leave their competitors miles behind, I don't have a huge Butter collection but I plan to over time. Their use of quirky names also makes their products covetable as well as the fact they do not contain camphor, formaldehyde, DBP phthalates or Toluene. 
Primrose Hill Picnic is the only one that seems to not have a slang term applied to it. I'd have loved to have seen this named something like 'Ace', 'Barmy' or 'Faff'. Primrose Hill Picnic is described as an opaque tropical creme polish. 
Cheeky Chops is a term of endearment for a British child. This canary yellow is an opaque creme polish, I actually love this colour to me it resembles a pastel yellow. I've only tried really bright yellows so this has been added to my wishlist. 
Keks is British slang for pants. 'Hitch up your keks'. This gorgeous blue is an opaque bright creme blue. How perfect is this blue guys? This image makes it look like a blue-blue or a turquoise-blue? however it's actually a gorgeous sky blue. This is too perfect though, finding the right blue can be a tricky task. 

The Pop Art Collection is also made up of three gorgeous lippy's. Alcopop is a bright [baby] pink liquid lippy, Come to Bed Red is a classic bright red and Queen Vic is a deep cranberry-fuchsia lippy. Personally I really want to try Queen Vic, you know me and my purple tones. 

Currently available at Nordstrom or Butter London's website HERE, will you be delving into some pop art this summer? 


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