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DermaCo Soothing Revival Balm

I was recently introduced to the DermaCo brand so decided to try out the Soothing Revival Balm. The range contains four products that aim to improve the appearance of your skin while nurturing it by using only pure ingredients. DermaCo is also a British company which is a big thumbs up in my opinion. Shop local people, help the economy. 

The company uses formulations that use the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils. DermaCo products will never contain damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours; nor are they tested on animals.

You've all read about my latest skin care woes so I figured some further hydration was a good way to start and my Soothing Revival Balm arrived a few days back, take a peek at it...

The soothing Revival Balm is housed in a super luxurious tube packaging which is heavier than most standard skincare packaging. Those silver sections at the base and at the top are actual metal, it just screams luxury. The actual product is described as being a balm however, it actually applies like a facial lotion or moisturiser and the unusual part is that although it applies like a moisturiser it actually then turns balm-like on the skin - balmy, soft and velvety. 

It can be used on all skin types from sensitive, stressed, oily to combination. With rose and bergamot essential oils this balm aims to relieve irritation and reduce inflammation. It has a delicate fragrance which smells more rose like than herbal it reminds me of the classic vintage perfumes which I adore - very shabby chic. 

You can also purchase the Revitalising Toner, Cleanser and Collagen Cream. Prices vary from £29.99 to £46.99 The Soothing Revival Balm comes in a large 100ml size which will last months with daily use. You can check out the range over on the DermaCo website HERE. 

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  1. Hi, could you please let me know the entire ingredient list of the revitalising toner and cleanser. I have normal to dry skin... Are these alcohol/ witch hazel free. The company website only lists the key ingredients


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