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Emballe Moi | Le Soft Perfume

Le Soft Perfume, the cutest stick perfume around. I recently came across these gorgeous perfumes over on Cult Beauty's website. There are ten perfumes in the collection including this one pictured which is called Emballe Moi. How cute is that packaging, it just looks so serene which is an indication of what the perfume is like also? 

The perfumes I'm happy to announce are cruelty-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. If you have found alcohol-based perfumes have caused you skin upsets and rashes, don't worry as these solid perfumes won't cause those problems. Made with Shea butter the stick delivers pinpoint application while nurturing your skin and enveloping you in an absolutely feminine but wearable scent. 

Emballe Moi is made with notes of Bergamot, Mandarin and Pink Peppercorn before mellowing to a lingering base of Amber, Patchouli and Almond, via Raspberry, Rose and sweet Lily of the Valley. 

Initially, I was worried about the overall strength. I've known stick perfumes to fall flat when it came to the application but I needn't have worried as Emballe Moi is a little firecracker in the fragrance department. I adore amber scents, amber, in my opinion, is one of those notes that scream 'woman, confidence and calm' It always delivers on offering a natural feminine sexy note to perfumes without becoming to slutty. Emballe Moi does the same thing. It's gorgeously feminine, easy-breezy but packs that punch with the amber. 

If it could talk it would say 'Yes, I'm pretty and I'm rocking this dress but I don't need no man to tell me that

I've found applying the perfume stick to my pulse points helps it to last all day. Simply apply a small amount to the wrists (don't rub your wrists together as this can destroy the notes), neck, backs of knees, inner elbows and decolletage and allow it to settle naturally. 

The Emballe Moi and the rest of the collection cost £19 each and will last a lot longer than some spray perfumes I promise you that. Next on my list is Lucky Bay and Stick Rock. You can get these from Cult Beauty


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