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Essie A Crewed Interest

When I say I love natural beauty I mean it quite literally. I adore natural shades and have been on the hunt for the perfect nude shade. I came across Essie's A Crewed Interest while on the hunt over on Amazon and it only cost £3.99 *score* 

I love Essie polishes, I'm not sure exactly why other than apply like a dream being neither too thin or too thick. I also find the finish to be really unique, most of the shades I've tried have the tiniest amount of shimmer without being shimmery. 

Although this particular shade is very much a non shimmery cream based nude it's still amazingly glossy on and you'd be forgiven for thinking there was a topcoat applied over this, but there isn't. 

Look how pretty. It's a slightly pink toned nude, I'm still hunting for a near skin-tone nude because you can never have enough nudes in your polish collection. I just love how they can make you look polished and prim without any of the up-keep and hassle that a darker shade brings. 

Since purchasing this I now have a few more in my wishlist, those are YSL Beige Gallery, Laura Mercier Bare Rose and Givenchy Rose so if you've tried any of those give me a shout. I'd love to hear what your opinion is. 

Do you have A Crewed Interest in nude polish (excuse the terrible pun). 

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