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Giordani Gold Tinted Lip Shimmer

I recently posted the review on the Giordani Gold Tan-Enhancer product also dubbed 'the body shimmer. You can find that review HERE if you missed it.

This product is the tinted lip shimmer and this product, alongside the Tan-Enhancer and Supreme Mascara make up the three limited edition products in the summer collection. The aim of the collection is to highlight your natural beauty while making you look like a sun kissed goddess. Here is what the lip shimmer looks like. 

You can see that it has a slight rose gold tone to it but on the lips, this actually looks nude. What the image doesn't fully pick up is the tiny particles of gold shimmer which just look oh so pretty. My lips definitely looked fuller after applying the product. It's also a super glossy lip shimmer but doesn't leave you feeling grossly sticky like some do, it applies easily although I wish the brush was slightly shorter as the bristles can bend slightly.

This lip shimmer is easily a favourite for a natural look but, I've been wearing it more recently because it does contain SPF15. I love products that contain SPF because I do worry about the damage that UVA's and UVB's cause over time but always remember to top them up with a good sunscreen, I do use a factor 50+ which I share with my sons. 

This collection will only be available until August 30th so I suggest stocking up now if you love these products. The lip shimmer costs £6.96 over on the Oriflame website HERE


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