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Wonderland Wigs | Going Red

So our broadband and phone were off all day literally only returning this morning. For some reason my whole locality was affected *damn you Sky*  and it was the strangest thing as I literally felt as though I had lost a limb, but in the process managed to finish the latest Vampire Diaries novel. I think I may have an online addiction, it's a scary thought but when you rely on it to work - It really becomes a necessity. 

I'm also slightly addicted to trying to make my hair better, you guys know how I feel about my hair and how it lead me to try Nioxin. The Nioxin review can be found (here) if you missed it. I have also in the past tried wearing wigs and hair pieces but for some reason, I always feel too fake. They leave me feeling unnatural and ultimately more self-conscious. 

I recently came across Wonderland Wigs. They sell a range of wigs and hair pieces but what I liked about them is they look natural. If I opt to wear a wig I want it to look natural and elegant, as much as I adore the Cosplay styles they just aren't suitable for daily wear. 

Browsing I came across two that stood out. The Hannah wig is a light brown and blonde highlight wig, it's straight with a full fringe and reminds me of what my hair looked like before having my sons. 

Gorgeous isn't it. I was really going to get this wig when I came across Cassy. Cassy is a gorgeous dark red wig with a side fringe and a slight wave, I have always loved this colour of red and I figured the slight wave would be easier to manage. Wonderland Wigs kindly said they would send me the Cassy to try out - Thank you Wonderland Wigs. 

The wig came a few days later and having tried wigs before (mainly from China) I was expecting a lot of hassle putting it on. I was so wrong, basically, I shook it out to give it a natural shape, Kirby gripped my own hair back and then popped the wig on; you secure it to your own hair with the attached clips and that was it. So easy and stress-free and the wig stayed secure all day long. 

I found the colour seemed to change in different lights too, at times it stayed quite muted and others it turned into a fiery vibrant red. Here is the Cassy wig on when it looks muted. I adore this colour of brown-red but my natural hair just fades so quickly when I dye it. 

And here it is in all of its vibrancy. I really felt like a boss in this! I had some friends and family all compliment me on my new hair over on Instagram. Funnily enough, they didn't realise it could have been a wig which is a huge win. 

The Cassy wig costs £24.99 and is 55cm long. If you're rubbish at measurements then this is long but not long enough that you look completely fake. If you're looking for a change, some glamour or a way to get thicker hair without damaging extensions I fully recommend Wonderland Wigs. 

They are the only wig company I have found offering natural (and Cosplay styled) wigs at an affordable price. Yes, you can get wigs from China on eBay but having purchased those before I do not recommend them unless you want a tangled head of faux hair the same day. 

You can check out their gorgeous wigs over on the Wonderland Wigs website

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