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I recently posted over on my Facebook page and Twitter about the Glossybox offer Heat Magazine had in June. The offer was six Heat magazines for £6 and a Glossybox. I signed up straight away because I love magazines (it's an addiction I tell you) and I figured six pounds wouldn't even get you a Glossybox, with this offer I was going to be getting six magazines and some beauty products. How could I turn that down? 

I got my confirmation in the post last week and then a few days ago got my magazine and Glossybox, super quick right? Glossybox has had a pretty bad rap recently with loads of people leaving or complaining. I have to say having tried Glossybox when it started I was impressed but then it kind of went downhill. It became normal to find cheap and tacky eyeshadows, fake eyelashes and tanning products - none of which are suitable for me. I unsubscribed sharpish. 

I was hoping this box would be different, there have been more and more positive reviews from Glossybox subscribers and the review pictures look pretty damn awesome. I'm not sure if this is specifically a box that was made for Heat or if it's a June or July box. I've tried to find out but can't seem to figure it out so here's what I received anyways. 

Anatomicals 75 ml 'Just Don't Clean It, Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub RRP £3.49 for 200ml 
This product is really scrubby, if you like a good scrub this is great. If you have sensitive skins I'd advise you to stay away. As much as I love the product I hate (with a vengeance) the grapefruit smell, I've tried letting it grow on me but nope I hate it. Of course, this love-hate relationship is enough to stop me from purchasing it full size. 

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish Full Size £6.99
This polish is supposed to be a five in one polish. Combining a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat. I received a dark black shade. 

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Anti Wrinkle Moisturiser 30ml Full Size RRP £18
I've not really put this to the test yet so can't really give a good review, I do think that 30ml's for £18 is a tad steep. I've found Yves Rocher in the past to be completely over-hyped and over-priced. 

Dr Jart BB Beauty Balm 15ml Size. Full-Size £24 for 40ml.
Love this product. It's the first time I've tried anything in the Dr Jart range and I'm so impressed. This really balances out the skin and feels light and airy. I have super light skin and normally BB creams leave me looking tangoed but this doesn't. I fully recommend this product. 

Skinetics Anti-Blemish 100ml £6.99 
This is a bloggers favourite product and is seen on a heap of beauty blogs. I have a full-size bottle sitting doing nothing as it just didn't grab enough to use it. I do think the price is expensive especially when there are other toner products that do the same. This does contain alcohol and I definitely think it's the alcohol that does dry out your spots and pimples. It's a good product don't get me wrong it's just not hugely exciting. If you're not a packaging magpie like me you may love it. 

This is shade '670 Midnight in NY' it's hard to see it clearly but those little specs on the top of the polish are teeny bits of glitter and not dust. the glitter is so gorgeous and in different lights glimmers shades of silver, red and I'm sure there is some green too.  It applies well but you do need around 3 colours for it to be fully opaque and although this is suppose to be a complete manicure, I'd still advise you to use a base coat to prevent discolouration.  

Apparently, the total box costs £59.47 if you're buying the full-size products. This actual box using my crap mathematical skills should cost around £30.  Although, I'm pretty sure you can get these items for much less than the stated prices. I was happy with my box, yes there were a few things that didn't suit me and my strange preferences but all-in-all this box was well worth it. I probably won't re-subscribe yet but this may change over the next few months. 

Did you get this box? what where your opinions of these products? 


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