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ISWAI: It Started With An Idea

ISWAI, short for it started with an idea is a relatively new company by Caggie Dunlop. Caggie was frustrated with the fashion worlds snobbery so she decided to set up ISWAI. She also wanted to make it available to everyone, turning the brand in to the people's brand. 

If you have an awesome idea or design but have no fashion degree then you can still contact them to see what they think. There is no other brand that offers that service, ISWAI says 'All you need to be involved is a creative and positive mind' I love how the brand gives everyone the opportunity to further themselves and I really believe in the mind-set of ISWAI. 

As a boho-hippy chick stuck in a standard girls body, I do get the sense of the company being very boho chic. Caggie herself has a very casual but bohemian style and she definitely stood out as a girls girl while on Made in Chelsea didn't she? The clothing over on the site you can totally imagine being hung in Caggie's closet, worn at Glastonbury festival or en-route to your Saturday morning yoga class; It's definitely very versatile. 

My outfit is very simple. I've been told that before over on Lookbook and on the blog. You look around the fashion blog world and see the same outfits over and over again, the individuality seems to have been sucked out of the fbloggers world. I know that not everyone who comments on my style saying it is a 'classic style or simple style' means it positively but I do take it in that manner. 

As a parent I want to look good, I also want to be comfortable and maintain 'my style' I like to let my clothing speak for itself. Yes I could go out and purchase creepers and a midriff cutout dress but that's not me and for me to do that and then to post about it I feel would be wrong. It wouldn't be a true representation of who I am and I feel I would be lying to my readers. 

So this is me, no duck face, no excessive body parts showing and no orange glow. I rock boho because it's simple, it's a way of life and it's classic. I love ISWAI particularly because it's like they have taken my personality and put it in to a collection of awesome clothing. If you're like me then you're going to love it too. 

You can't see from the picture but other than my 'trying to serious but laughing and failing miserably' I was wearing a feather ear cuff also from ISWAI. You can see it poking out a bit on this more serious photo. 

And here it is in all of it's full glory. Basically you hook it on to your ear and it looks like you have feathers in your hair, awesome right? It's really comfortable to wear and I love feathers. My sons get mesmerised by the feathers, they just can't understand how they miraculously stay sitting in my hair. 

You can check out ISWAI and their wares by clicking over HERE. They're also on Twitter HERE.


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