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Janet Neon Red Lipstick From Ebay

Do you remember the purple Janet lipstick I purchased from Ebay? I did close that review by saying I had purchased the red version too, well it finally arrived today. If you missed that review you can find it HERE. 

These lipsticks are apart of the neon Janet collection. To look at they're nothing special, cheap packaging that is pretty bland to look at but, and it's a pretty BIG but the actual lipstick is pretty amazing. 

These both cost me 99p each from Ebay. There are other colours such as green (Illamasqua style) and yellow but I'm just too old and not brave enough to rock those shades. Here is the 'red' shade...

This is actually just called 'red' no fancy colour name or moniker just plain old 'red'. The thing is it actually isn't just a plain old red. Having looked at some of the other colours in the collection (not all pictured above) there is a few red-orange shades. I presumed the red would be the classic red tone but this red is actually an orange based red. 

You can definitely see the orange hue from the swatch below...

This is one swipe (done side by side) for 99p it's got a lot of pigmentation hasn't it. On the lips it feels soft, glossy and applies smoothly. It coats evenly and doesn't bleed, although it does need touched up due to it not having any staining properties. I'm thoroughly hooked on these Janet lippy's. I do plan to buy some more, possibly a baby pink next - what do you think? 

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