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July 2013 | Box De Lux Overview

Box De Lux are the new kids on the block - well sort of. The market is so saturated with beauty boxes, some good, some bad. The difference between those boxes and the boxes by Box De Lux are the contents. 

Box De Lux is more of a lifestyle box, the contents cover beauty and niche products. I recently described myself as being a beauty loving, sweet treat craving, health food lady to my foodie pen pal. This box seems as though it was made for me as it covers beauty, sweet treats, and health food. 

So what's inside? Take a peek...

I was so excited when I pulled this out of the box, I haven't heard of luxury rice pudding before and I haven't heard of this brand either but, the product is just so awesome. It's basically rice pudding, brown sugar, dried cherries, and almond. You cook the rice until it's soft, re-cook it with some milk to make the traditional rice pudding and add in your sugar, cherries, and almonds. It's truly yum. 

The brand does similar DIY kits for cake, risotto, and gateau. You can check out their Epicerie Lion website but it is in French so you may need to translate it. 

I am totally going to re-purchase this, it was my favourite product in this box. 

Alassala Argan Oil can be used on the face, body, and hair. Argan oil has seen a huge surge in popularity and this product meets all expectations. It's a gorgeous nutty oil and I love using this on my hair after I come out of the bath. 

This particular oil is natural while containing lots of goodness. Antioxidants, polyphenols, carotenoids and high levels of vitamin E. In this weather it's a great addition to any skincare or hair care routine. I would purchase this again. 

 Rude Health, what an awesome brand name. This product is basically muesli but unlike shop purchased muesli it contains 23 ingredients. The selling point of this is that you get different ingredients with every bite. 

When I tried it, however, some bites tasted awesome, others not so much. I was actually glad when I finished it. I don't think I would purchase this again although it would make an excellent addition to any healthy energy bar recipe. 

Another product by Rude Health. I love healthy fruit bars, especially when my energy's starting to wane but for some reason, I'm kind of scared to try it. It's pumpkin, how awesome is pumpkin going to taste? They also do a beetroot one, I think I would have preferred the beetroot one. 

Faust's Potions confused the heck out of me until I actually read up about it...duh. This is the red berry flavour which is the 'asleep' potion. It's suitable for one dose and it contains a mixture of vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations to help you sleep soundly.  I haven't used this yet but I do plan too. 

Faust Potions also do an awake potion, I'd love to try that one as I need something to help my fatigue. 

Spa Ritual offers a range of vegan beauty products including this vegan nail lacquer. This is 'Enlightened Soul' which can only be described as a banana yellow. 

I hadn't heard of this brand before so tested it out with an open mind. It's a thick lacquer and the brush is so thin that it does leave lines. The texture is a glossy-chalky texture and to be completely honest it's not one I'd initially go to when choosing out of my collection.  

Blend Collective 5ml samples include a concentrated hand cream, hydrating hand and body lotion and softening hand cream. I tried the Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Neroli hand cream which was gorgeous. My son wanted to test out the Sicilian Lemon, May Chang, and Myrtle and Lime hand and body lotion and liked it but I think he had hoped it would be more lemon scented. 

Overall I am hugely impressed with Box De Lux and I will continue on with them. The boxes cost £35 per month and you do receive a £20 voucher to spend on any of the goodies in their online shop. 

If you don't want to subscribe just now you can purchase these items and more over the Box Delux website. 
* Sample provided - all opinions my own * 

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