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July Empties

Another month gone by and I find that as each month passes I never fail to start these empties posts the same way. Chances are I'll start August's empties post with 'another month gone by' *haha* Apologies it's a flaw, I'll work on it. 

July has seen us get scorching sun, torrential rain and an awesome thunder and lightening storm. A new Prince was born and a Kardashian had a baby. It's also been the month where I've had very little time to myself, with the middle of the summer holidays hitting (In Scotland) my sons have either been driving me up the wall or round the bend. 

I love the little dudes though more than life itself so any free time has been spent at their beck and call rather than beautifying myself. I've noticed a huge difference in this month alone and to be honest it scares me. I've noticed that my skin has completely changed, my under eye area looks darker and uneven and my pigmentation marks have spread and are darker. 

I've also noticed that I've got a sudden surge in freckles and some are turning into moles. It scares me, I notice my skin ageing and there's little I can do about it...or can I? 

From here on I intend to get my body and skin healthy. With poor health comes all the associated crap that comes with it and I intend to slow that down or at least do my darned hardest to slow it down. I promise that next month's empties post will be significantly more exciting. 

This month I used: 

Antibacterial Hand Gel : This month I used a ton of antibacterial hand gel, after all it's the summer holibobs and I'm taking action on those pesky germs that are out to try and ruin it for us. So far-so good. It's just the £1 hand gel from ASDA's but I've found it's alcoholic yes but it doesn't dry out your hands like other brands do. I also use this on my hands but then swipe it on the toilet handle, taps and light switch, you know just to take some extra protection. 

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Deodorant : Okies these are both mens deodorants. I swiftly changed to the Right Guard Xtreme brand after testing it out, you can find that review HERE. I ordered my shopping from ASDA's twice this month and on both occasions they sent me the mens rather than the ladies #fail While it worked in the same way it just didn't really compare to the ladies version. Even hubster preferred the ladies which actually has a unisex fragrance to it. 

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Body Wash : I ADORE this body wash, it smells utterly gorgeous and feminine and if it was a perfume I'd buy it for sure. It lathers nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. Love-love-love it. 

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Body Wash : I purchased this one after the Pearl & Beauty and while it smells fresh and works just as well I seriously preferred the Pearl & Beauty body wash. 

Lush Magnaminty Mask : Meh, I've purchased this before years ago and loved it but now that I've tried so many wonderful products this just doesn't hold my interest. It's fresh and smells like a herbal-minty mud and while it cleans it doesn't visibly show any improvements. 

Dr Organic Cream : Like fresh cloves snuggled up in a buttery cream. I adore this so much I don't even have words to describe it. Once applied this cream lasts literally all day. It doesn't leave me feeling greasy or uncomfortable. It is one of the best creams I've used to tell the truth. 

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Fragrance : This is a fruity based floral scent that has that usual Lacoste edge to it. It's very much in keeping with the rest of the Lacoste feminine fragrances and while it's lovely it really doesn't stand out enough to purchase full size. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb : Iconic yes stand out no. It's a gorgeous fragrance don't get me wrong however I'm a fragrance snob, I want to feel something when I wear a fragrance I need it to work with me not against me and unfortunately Flowerbomb works against my body chemistry. 

Marc Jacobs Dot Fragrance : It's a gorgeous scent especially for daywear. It's unobtrusive and delicate and most definitely feminine. I found it didn't have a huge amount of lasting power with it completely disappearing around the three hour mark. 

Nioxin (4) Shampoo & Conditioner : I've reviewed this twice. Once at four weeks HERE and my overall impression was reviewed HERE

L'Oreal Preference Conditioner : I had this lying in my beauty stock as I had forgotten about it. I absolutely love those conditioning treatments you get in hair dye packs. You can now buy them singly at Boots. 

Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste : Strange I know but it was the first time I'd used this particular toothpaste. This is a blue paste and it works so well, it leaves you feeling clean and smooth all day and keeps your breath minty fresh. Love it. 

What empties did you have this month? 


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