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Kardashian Khroma Beauty In The UK

OK I'll admit it, I'm an avid watcher of the Kardashian TV programmes. I particularly like Kourtney and Khloe over Kim sadly, they seem to have more of the same standards that I have as well as being straight talking. They also know how to have fun and I love when they have their silly moments - Kim on the other hand never seems to have any fun does she? 

I was watching a recent episode where Kourtney was getting ready and was applying a vivid pink-purple toned lipstick. The lipstick was more of a pen shaped and seemed to apply so easily. The colour also was so pigmented and awesome. I knew at that point I HAD to have it. 

So Googling I went and it seemed the lipstick was in fact by the Kardashian sisters as apart of their beauty line. Product placement at it's best. I couldn't find anywhere in the U.K other than Amazon selling their beauty products and Amazon didn't have that particular shade. 

Here's a picture of Kourtney and 'said' lipstick. 

I found out that it was 'shocking pink' and the lipsticks are called 'Joystick lip lacquers' and that they are indeed highly pigmented. I was that desperate to find these I even Tweeted the Kardashians asking if they where available in the U.K, I've yet to receive a response however. 

Here's another Joystick shade in Retro Red. See how pigmented they are! You can imagine my delight when I received the press release telling me that as of July 8th Kardashian's Khroma Beauty will be available exclusively at Feel Unique. If you can't imagine then let me tell you I got butterflies. 

The shocking pink sold out just as quickly as it was stocked, I have signed up for the back in stock emails. The Retro Red is still in stock so I'm going to be purchasing this later on today. These Joystick Lip Lacquers cost £10.95 with free delivery. 

The line also contains eyeshadows, eyelashes and individual eyelashes, nail polish, mascara, foundation, primer, a range of blushes and lip glosses. They all seem to be priced well and I think that even if I was a Kardashian hater I would still totally be all over those lip lacquers. 

The sisters also avidly use their own products which I think is fab, most celebrities release lines and don't actually use their own products. The sisters have said that their favourite products are: 

Kim: 'I love Intimate Spotlight Illuminate. It adds a beautiful glow to light up the face.' 

Kourtney: 'Our Bronzer rocks my world - I use it every day.'

Khloe: 'I love The Stroke of Midnight Mascara. It creates the faux-lash look without clumping or flaking - I'm hooked.'

You can check out their range over on Feel Unique by clicking HERE, but be quick because it's selling super fast. 


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  1. The lipstick colours look great but I saw their eye shadow palettes on sale at a store in my city and they looked so cheap. The colours didn't look great when I swatched them and the packaging was just horrible.

    1. Oh really. I wonder if they will reformulate them? The lippy's do look amazing though. I'm so bummed that Shocking Pink's out of stock. X


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