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Kilian : In The Garden Of Good & Evil Collection

In The Garden of Good and Evil Collection

Kilian believes olfactory harmony begins with a good story. His new collection is the myth of original sin. Here the world of perfume enters into the garden of Eden and shows us another side of the story, leading us away from the well-known representatives and allowing us to understand it now by breathing in its delights - Instantaneously. 

You think you know and understand perfumes, think again. Kilian creates real magic with his fragrances as well as turning each fragrance into a work of art. This collection is made of three fragrances with another coming soon. 
In The City Of Sin 

'When the door opens onto a universe without limits: the quest for ecstasy is launched' 

This perfume is the opening face of the collection. Described as the 'temptation which leads to carnal desire' this fragrance definitely lives up to its name. It's a spicy - dark fragrance for sure, and it veers more on to the masculine for me. If you like candy notes and light angelic fragrances then this may not be for you. 

In The City Of Sin opens with an explosion of Bergamot from Calabria, pink Peppercorns and Cardamon from Guatemala. The perfume evolved into a heat of Apricots and caramelised Plums and held together by Turkish Rose Absolute. A light haze of Incense entrances and lends to a depth further sustained by Atlas and Virginia Cedar woods and rich Patchouli. This fragrance is made of a rich composition of fruits, spices, flowers, and woods
Good Girl, Gone Bad

'When the woman becomes the temptress, a sinner - when she dares and when she proves her audacity' 

Good Girl, Gone Bad is made from a composition of fruits and flowers. It's described as a better smelling version of Valentina by Valentino. This fragrance is just so delectable, I love how it does exactly what its name describes. It starts off very feminine and clean and dries down to give off a personality of raw sex appeal. This fragrance is my favourite from this collection. 

The fragrance opens on the fresh innocence of the petals of Jasmin Sambac and the apricot sweetness of Chinese Osmanthus. But that feminine ideal does not continue to fool anyone for long. Letting go of their demure appearances, the flowers toss off their inhibitions and reveal the other, decadent side of themselves. The Rose of May gives off its honeyed heat. The Indian Tuberose nakedly exhibits its milky roundness, while the narcotic sensuality of Egyptian Narcissus surges forth. Notes of Virginia Cedar and Amber open up to try to assert their dominant character in order to contain that opulent outpouring 
Forbidden Games

'When  going beyond the boundaries has never been so exciting'

Described as the spirit of temptation that leads to total abandon. For me, this fragrance was definitely fruity, innocent and ideal for wearing during the Summer. It does change for some people - Sort of like the story of Eve in the garden of Eden. Does she bite the forbidden apple? for some this fragrance transforms into a sexy dry down showing that Eve did take a bite of that forbidden apple, for the more innocent wearers this definitely stays a fresh apple scent showing that innocence prevailed. This transformed for me *oops* 

Forbidden Games is made with a composition of fruits, spices, flowers and amber. It opens on a potpourri of fruits - Apple, Peach, Plum - spiced by Cinnamon bark from Laos. Then advances into a lush floral heart - Bulgarian Rose, Orpur, Geranium, Bourbon and Midnight Jasmine - Before disappearing slowly into a sweet Madagascar Vanilla, Laotian Honey and spellbinding resinous oil of Opoponax. 

Even the packaging is carefully considered with thought out symbolism. Kilian's ideal was to bring to life the ideals of original sin, to make them become more than thoughts and actions and more substances and forms. 

The Art deco movement was an inspiration for Kilian. The cigarette case of the 1920's was recreated to once again bring to life the spirit of the very first Van Cleef and Arpels Minaudieres. The palette was chosen as white and gold - The white as a symbol of purity and innocence and the gold to symbolise opulence and riches. The bottle also continues this theme and is just perfect - A real work of art. 

I just adore how this collection makes me feel, I really feel like I've just sold my soul to the devil. You can feel the story coming to life as you wear this perfume which is something you just don't get from standard branded perfumes. Each note, every detail and the back story have all been carefully considered and in all honesty I do feel that Kilian is a perfume genius in the making. 

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