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Lucky Bay by Le Soft Perfume

I first posted about these Le Soft Perfumes with the Emballe Moi review. These pretty fragrance sticks are from the Le Petit Fou collection which is made up of ten different fragrance sticks.  I adore these fragrance sticks and I do plan to own them all hopefully sooner rather than later. 

When you compare them to other branded versions such as the solid perfumes by Lush, these blow other brands out of the water. Why? because they don't stain your clothing or skin like other brands do, the fragrance also doesn't fade away within the hour and the actual scents are out of this world. 

While they are small they are just so powerful and when applied to certain pulse points these little babies last all day. I personally apply these to my inner wrists and elbows, backs of my knees, neck and decolletage. 

I'm also completely sold on the packaging. Any other packaging magpie's out there will totally get where I'm coming from. These come in a pretty box, the actual solid fragrance is housed inside a tube which you twist up and twist back down. However if you're big on recycling you may not like the excessive amount of packaging. 

Take a peek...

Made from the finest ingredients they don't sting your skin or leave you with redness or irritation like some alcohol-based spray perfumes do. The fragrance sticks are made from varied butter such as Shea butter, Monoi, Tamanu and Mango butter and have been dermatologically tested. 

Lucky Bay is made with moisturising Monoi oil. The fragrance can be described as a confident mix of woods and florals (for me personally) -  It's definitely one that can be worn by both men and women and includes citrus top notes of Tangerine and Lemon which give way to a warm, floral heart that conjures the scent of warm skin, sunscreen and a clean sea breeze. Base notes of Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber then linger long into the small hours. It's described as being the equivalent of watching the sunset. 

This description is so true and you begin to understand it once you smell the actual fragrance. It definitely has that romantic, warming, sexiness to it which is just the way I like my fragrances to be - Feminine but raw and dirty (Mind out of the gutter peoples). 

The perfumes in this range all cost £19 and will last for a long time, so far it's only Cult Beauty in the U.K that offer them as far as I'm aware. You can check these out over on Cult Beauty.


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