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MAC By Request : Voting Open

Following on from my MAC By Request post which you can find HERE. MAC have finally announced the colours available to choose. 

The colours are: 

* Lipsticks

Pink Poodle : Vivid frosted fuchsia pink. 

Rozz : Matte watermelon reddish-pink. 

Hoop : Matte mid-tone rosy pink. 

Tomango : Matte bright red-orange. 

Glam : Matte vivid bright pinky-red. (Verging on purple I feel). 

Flavour : Satin soft muted peachy pink. 


Chill : Satin soft white shimmer. 

Fiction : Frosted muted green with shimmer. 

Butterscotch : Matte warm beige. 

Diesel : Frosted cool grey. 

Ashbury : Matte taupe-grey. 

Tomango and Glam are by far my favourites. I love Flavour for a natural day-time although I'm not sure if it would suit me. Eyeshadows, I'm not hugely fussed to be honest. The colours don't make me get that butterflies in my stomach sensation, probably because I have so many of those shades all ready - are there any shadows you feel are must haves in this list? 

Currently (11am) the products with the most votes are, Pink Poodle lipstick and Butterscotch eyeshadow by a mile. The least favourites are Tomango (Nooooo!) and Chill eyeshadow. I'm thinking this might change as people become aware that voting is open. Although Butterscotch is at 7204 votes and Ashbury which falls second is at 3025. Huge difference isn't it. 

Which are you voting for? You can vote over on MAC's Facebook page HERE


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