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MANicure For Men

I'm completely for equality, I really am. It's something that has always irked me, especially when I was an angst-driven teenager. I hated the thought of their being a great gender divide so I quietly squee when laws change to make this divide even smaller. 

Over the last few years we've seen this divide get smaller in the fashion and beauty world. Men started to wear skinnier and then even skinnier jeans, vests that nearly show off a nip or two and shorts that are very nearly flashing flashing a member of two. Prior to that we had the huge mascara and eyeliner phase and of course before that it was the mohawk phase. 

While I love to see a fashionable male, I always think about how wrong my husband would look if he rocked similar clothing to mine? would their be a huge fashion war? would he look better than me in skinny jeans? *shudders*  Now I know for a fact he wouldn't wear [or rock] those types of clothing and that's what I love about him - his manly ruggedness.  

So imagine my shock at seeing a press release for the latest in male beauty. Male nail varnish by EvolutionMan. 

EvolutionMan decided to extend their Rebel Nail Paint collection for men adding this black pure matte polish. While this does look very rock 'n' roll do you think this would sell enough to be profitable? 

I mean men can just wear any brand of polish so would they specifically opt to purchase this one because it's marketed solely for men? I just find it to be such a niche product that's marketed badly. What's your take on it? would your man wear it? 

You can take a peek at their website HERE if you fancy it. 


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