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Lush | My Recent Mini Haul

I use to be a huge Lush fan a few years back until I found grew bored of it. Yes, I admit I grew bored. The scents began to all smell the same and left me with a few migraines on occasion, it was only after using a body wash (I forget which) and coming out in a rash that I stopped purchasing the tempting goodies. 

I hadn't put much thought into the company recently until I was discussing perfumes with my aunt. We got talking about our favourites and both liking the same types - We started discussing fragrances that smell like incense. I adore incense perfumes but they are so few and far between that I kind of give up mid-search. Having a eureka moment I remembered that Lush in fact do have an awesome incense perfume called Karma. 

I'm guessing most of you are reading this and saying 'Oh Karma, it's amazing' it is a pretty iconic Lush fragrance. Karma contains orange, lavender, and lemongrass as top notes. The orange notes definitely come through as the main note. Middle notes are pine tree, lemon and cassis and the bottom notes are patchouli, elemi, fir tree resin, and cinnamon. Overall it's an orange-incense-resinous delight. 

I couldn't bear it, I had to make an order and the pics above show what I purchased.  

I have always loved the Cerridwen's cauldron bath melt - always. I was also a huge fan of the Grass scent when it came out and had to get some shower gel, the grass scent smells fresh while being suitable for both men and women. 

I hadn't tried the solid perfumes before so popped the Karma one into my basket but then I came across Icon - I hadn't heard of this scent before but reading the notes it sounded like my kind of fragrance. Icon's made up of African orange flower, myrrh, bergamot, sandalwood, and mandarin orange.  Unlike Karma, this actually doesn't smell like oranges for some strange reason. The resins and myrrh definitely come across leaving a gorgeous classy incense fragrance. Personally, I love Icon over Karma....say what! I know, I may be berated for choosing another over Karma but Icon's so worth it. 

The Cerridwen's cauldron bath melt was another purchase it lasts for ages and with this heat, it's been the perfect bath time treat. It contains oats, lavender, and sandalwood and is so fab for sensitive skins to soothe and nourish. My sons also love it, seeing it melting until all that's left is a bag of oats -  we always tie it around the hot tap so the oils mix with the bath water. 

So I'm kinda hooked again on Lush, I love how they always add random samples - The sample I received was Mask of Magnaminty. My next purchases are going to be Dirty fragrance, it comes in a spray bottle sort of like a kitchen cleaner (quirky), Believe lipstick and Lovely Jubblies breast cream. 

What's your favourite Lush products? Any suggestions for my next purchase greatly appreciated. 

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