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Nails Inc London Crystal Colour Polish

Nails Inc decided to celebrate our British heritage and the birth of the new Prince by releasing these limited edition polishes. I received the email last week, I'm guessing many of you did also. The email was basically saying these polishes were to celebrate the birth of Prince George (who was unnamed at that point).  

There were two that stood out, the baby blue one which is called 22.07.13 crystal colour and this one which is called London crystal colour. They also added in Porchester Square which is a nude-mauve and Baker Street which is a vibrant blue but with the special diamante crystal caps. 

I went and did it didn't I. I caved in within seconds as I HAD to have this polish, I knew I would be able to purchase a similar baby blue at any point but with glitter, it's pretty hit or miss. 

It arrived yesterday and I'd be lying if I told you it was OK. This is so much more than OK and I'm completely stoked at the pay off you get with just one swipe. I'm also partial to the hefty crystal diamante cap and the cute box. How cute is that little bow. 

Here it is out of the box. It does look darker in this bottle but the glitter particles are red, blue and silver, unlike other polishes this glitter does actually fully coat your nails - Just as though you had dipped them in a pot of glitter. 

How pretty, it's amazing right? This was 2 basic coats of polish. I didn't especially load up the brush and I didn't go back and fill any gaps.  It really does offer this amount of coverage and even more if you were to go back and do a third coat. 

You can check out this polish and the rest of the Royal Baby inspired polishes over on their website HERE This cost £15, most of them do cost about the same however they do cost £20+ if you opted for a custom polish which comes with a diamante cap. 


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