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New Artdeco Mascara Collection

Artdeco is a premium brand cosmetic company and is the company that owns my ultimate favourite mascara - All in One Mascara. 

They recently announced the launch of their new mascara range and I am so frickin excited by this. I'm hoping that they meet or even exceed the complete awesomeness of the classic All in One non-waterproof formula. The new range includes a product to tackle every desired effect by releasing five new products. 

♥ The All in One Mascara (£14.50) is a long-lasting formula for volume and styling, it features two lash brushes and carnauba wax to nourish lashes while maintaining flexibility. 

 Volume Sensation Mascara (£15.00) creates volume and length with a soft, oversized volume brush.

 Angel Eyes Mascara (£15.00) lasts for ten hours, it features a thinner tip to reach short lashes and a wider brush to emphasise the corner of the eyes. 

 All in One Mascara (£16.00) this is the waterproof formula which is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

 Lash Growth Activator (£16.00) is a night repair balm designed to strengthen lashes from the inside, it's a mineral oil-free, lanolin-free and perfume-free formula. 

As much as I'm in love with my Artdeco mascara I still feel the need urge to try these out, especially the Volume Sensation Mascara and Lash Growth Activator. Are there any that stand out to you? 

You can check these at selected Debenhams stores and Debenhams online HERE as well as Beauty Bay HERE

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