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New Brand : OFF DUTEE

I recently came across an awesome new brand called OFF ♥ DUTEE. The brand was created by two friends who worked in the fashion industry. The brand's aim is to give wearers a chic laid back off duty style that is normally seen by the fashion models backstage. 

The collection takes inspiration from the duo's friendship over the years, this is completely inspiring because I know I could describe many of my friendships by using cheeky quotes. You will definitely find plenty of tongue-in-cheek quotes on their luxurious oversized tees and tank tops but the brand also offers a swimwear and underwear collection. 

I am a huge fan of comfortable stylish clothing and find I tend to revert to these types of clothing for my off duty (no pun intended) style. As much as dressing down is fun and easy you have to change it up sometimes or it all becomes a tad 'blah' - it's all about balance baby. I love dressing down and I know Hubster thinks I look sexier when I'm wearing oversized tees and ladies boxer shorts, I also love to styling up casual clothing by teaming key seasonal pieces with classic loungewear garments such as these five pieces. 

To dress them up you could team these with a faux denim dungaree dress and some booties or you could team this gorgeous soft Queen B tee with some super black skinny jeans and some sky-high wedges. The resulting style would be a simple but stand-out look that would suit all body types and shapes. 

Tank tops can scare some people,  if you find you're self-conscious about being top-heavy or have dislike showing the tops of your arms you can team this vest top with some short-shorts and a key kimono piece, adding some tassel jewellery will give you a modern boho look that is so bang on trend right now. 

Similarly, this peace heart print tank screams boho, doesn't it? You could completely take this down the boho route with a maxi skirt and a chunky knit crochet cardigan or waistcoat or you could go in the opposite direction by teaming this with a crazy monochrome graphic print skirt and some neon accessories. 
Neons won't be leaving anytime soon I promise you that. If you don't want to fork out for expensive neon pieces but still want to stay on trend this neon yellow crop top is the way to go. I know what you're thinking - It isn't warm enough or you don't want to show your stomach, I totally agree with you that's why crop tops are great pieces to layer. Try popping your crop top over a maxi dress or even over a classic vest top with some simply jeans. Rolled up boyfriend fit jeans or straight legs look amazing teamed with some strappy heels; try adding a simple envelope clutch to finish your look. 
Fringing and pom-poms are the best way to bring your style up to date. This yes fringed crop top would look amazing with bright accessories. Try sewing some bright bejewelled sequins onto a simply clutch while add some hanging pom-poms to the zip to really bring this top alive. 

Again this top can be layered easily over most bodycon dresses but it looks especially amazing with strappy maxi dresses and sandals. You could take this from day to evening with a sheer kimono or rock it out with a fitted leather jacket. 

What I'm loving about this brand is the sheer amount of versatility in each piece. I'm not someone who tends to show a lot of skin but I know I could totally rock these pieces out. I currently have my eye on their maxi dress as well as the 'Snow Balls' oversized tee. I mean Snowballs! *teehee* it makes me smile, what can I say. 

You can take a look at their current collections by visiting the OFF ♥ DUTEE website HERE


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