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Nioxin | The Final Chapter

You may remember my Nioxin four-week post. Basically, I was sick of having poop hair. It tends to fall out quite very easily, it's fine, flyaway and lifeless. I was moaning when hubster mentioned the local salon had started stocking Nioxin. 

Nioxin is a haircare brand that has excellent reviews (more on that later) and claims to make your hair thicker and just overall better. I didn't want to resort to getting extensions because I've seen the lasting damage and to be fair I'd end up bald. So, I headed to Amazon and found a beginner set for around £20 including postage. 

There are so many sets out there with different numbers. I would advise you to take the 'test' on the Nioxin website just so you can be sure you're buying the right set for your hair complaints. Mine was number four and it included a shampoo, conditioner and hair SPF, you can see the original image on the first post (link above).

I  used this daily and still do to be fair. I do plan to use it all up just to see if things get better as I am forever an optimist. Some people say it takes a few weeks, others say four weeks whereas others say eight weeks. I actually noticed an improvement in the first week. Normally I lose a lot of hair every single day. The plumber installed new taps on our bath two weeks ago and said he was shocked at the amount of hair in our plug. Keeping in mind I clean this every few days. 

The first few weeks using Nioxin where amazing, my hair stopped falling out, I think there was only a couple of hairs that fell out while washing which is completely normal. Then, more started to fall out and continued to fall out. I used the product as directed daily even though the SPF treatment product was rubbish and left my hair feeling crispy - Yuck!

So I'm still noticing hair falling out, granted it's not as much as pre-Nioxin usage but it's still more than in the first week. 

This is 'some' of the hair I lose only when washing my hair. Well, this is what was caught around my fingers, there would have been more had I scooped it out of the bath. Pre-Nioxin there was about three times that. 

See in my opinion that's a lot more than the two or three I had in the first few weeks. Am I wrong to think this 'hyped' product may not be working so great now? Having read reviews it seems there are a few people in the same situation. Will I buy this product again? probably not. I'm going to finish it all up (not much left to be honest) and then revert back to my beloved Paul Pender's shampoo and see if the fallout increases or decreases. I will follow up on the review with a final report. 

Have you tried Nioxin? What results did you get after four or eight weeks? 


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  1. have not tried this product and i have the same problem you do, i think mine was due in part for over washing my hair, so i went from daily to every other day and it has helped just a bit, i try to change up my shampoo and conditioner every 3 to 6 months, when i was little i had a ridicules amount of hair and it was very thick, my grandmother used too make a shampoo that had only 3 ingredients and seemed to work.... she used aloe vera, a bar of zest and water.


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