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On The Hunt For A Grey Polish | Nails Inc The Thames

When it comes to nail polish there should always be a few colours in your nail polish kit. In my opinion, those colours should be bright red, a ballerina pink, a fuchsia pink, nude, clear, turquoise, black, blue and grey. I know others would easily debate this but this is only my opinion. 

Here's the sort of colours I'm talking about. You may prefer more greens, oranges, browns or yellow tones and I do too but as a nail wardrobe basic, these are what I'd opt for.  I've actively been trying to hunt down the 'perfect' colours but you'll know that not all colours transfer to the nail the same colour as they are in the bottle. It's frustrating especially when it comes to nudes and grey tones. 

I've purchased so many of these types of shades and find that the greys are either too dark or too mauve. What I'm looking for is a grey pastel tone. Similar to the grey I've chosen in the funky Spirograph above. 

In my hunt for the perfect grey, I purchased Nails Inc The Thames in the mini version. I adore mini polishes because they get used up quickly and I love the brushes. Anyhow this is what it looks like swatched - In the bottle it looks so much lighter. 

Here it is...

While this is a gorgeous smokey deep grey on the nails it's just not 'the' grey I'm looking for. If you have any recommendations for a pastel toned grey please, please, please let me know. 

The hunt continues. 

* Purchased this myself * 

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