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OPI || The Mini Bond Girls Polish Set

Do you guys remember my Oz The Great and Powerful polish review? If not you can find it (here). I absolutely love that set so much so I had to jump on this set when I got the email from Buyapowa saying this co-buy had gone live. The set normally costs £13.95 but I got it for £7.95, bargain or what. 

The set contains 4 mini liquid sand polishes, if you dislike textured polish then this might not be the set for you. I dislike textured polish but really like the liquid sand polishes. I love that I can apply them and not have to worry about chips or bumps making my manicure look shabby. I've found the liquid sand polishes easily last a week with normal wear and tear. 

This set contains 4 of the 6 colours in the Bond Collection. It doesn't contain Honey Ryder which is a gold shade and Tiffany Case which is an icy blue shade. However, the colours it does contain are as equally gorgeous, take a look... 

Vesper | which is a dark purple polish with multi-coloured sparkles. 
Pussy Galore | A baby pink with a white shimmery iridescence and white sparkles. 
Jinx | which is an orange-red shade with yellow, gold and red sparkles.
Solitaire | A light silvery-white with silver sparkles.  

I love each of them. Vesper looks amazing when you apply one coat, a real royal purple shade. I actually wished they would bring out a liquid sand in that shade. My favourite has to be Jinx because it seems to change in different lighting. From deep red to tomato orange- it really is beautiful. 

Have you tried this collection? 


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