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OPI | San Francisco Collection

OPI recently announced they would be releasing their San Francisco collection in Autumn 2013.   The collection is inspired by the blues of the seas, the reds, and browns of the brickwork and the grey tones from the smog-filled city. 

There are 15 new shades in this collection, including 3 liquid sand polishes. The colours are: 

A-Piers To Be Tan: Chocolate tan shade. 

Dining Al Fresco: Fresh air blue with a slight shimmer. 

Haven't The Foggiest: This looks like foil, it's a silvery shade with a darker undertone.  

Peace & Love & OPI: Holographic duo chrome made up of sage and aubergine shades. 

It's All San Andrea's Fault: This is the liquid sand polish described as a textural earthy-taupe.

Keeping Suzi At Bay: This is a creamy navy blue shade. 

Incognito In Sausalito: Jelly effect blue-black shade. 

Lost On Lombard: Jelly effect garnet shade.

I Knead Sour-Dough: Shimmery reddish-brown tone. 

Wharf! wharf! Wharf! : This is the liquid sand polish, it is a matte dark blue with no glitter. 

Muir Muir On The Wall: Shimmery red with an oil spill chromatic undertone. 

In The Cable-Car Pool Lane: Rich jelly effect burgundy red with a slight purple undertone. 

Embarca-Dare Ya! : Raspberry magenta. This has a gold duo-chrome effect going on although I've read it doesn't transfer to the nail. 

First Date At The Golden Gate: Jelly effect red with a slight orange tone. I really adore this shade. 

Alcatraz...Rocks: This is the liquid sand polish. Described as a textural grey, I do think that description is being slightly modest. It looks like a blue-grey textural polish with amazing gold sparkles.  

I'm especially taken with Alcatraz...Rocks, First Date At The Golden Gate and Peace & Love & OPI. What do you guys think of this collection? 

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