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Oriflame Nail Protector

Oriflame have recently launched a nail protector. This was released at the perfect time for me because my nails are just so dry even when using CND Solar oil daily. My nails break quite easily and bend which as you know can be sore, especially if they bend backwards *ouch*. 

So here's the product, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was just a nude pink nail polish. It can be used as a base coat, nude coat or even a top coat. I personally have been using it as either a base coat or nude coat. 

The product contains RevivActive which works to strengthen and fortify the nail with continual use, the products aim is to stop breakage caused by brittle nails while supporting healthy growth. 

Having thoroughly tested this product as a standalone product I'm so pleased to say my nails have yet to break. They don't feel as dry and the product leaves my nails feeling strong the actual polish effect is similar to what you'd expect from a gel polish plumping topcoat. My nails definitely look puffed up and glossy. 

I definitely recommend this for anyone who uses their hands a lot, cares for their nails and wants to promote healthy nails. I mean what's the point of painstakingly manicuring your nails for them to break or flake soon after? applying this as a base coat is sort of like taking out insurance and leaves you secure in the knowledge that your nails are protected from staining as well breakage. 

You can get the nail protector over on Oriflame's website HERE for the introductory price of £3.45, it will then revert back to  the standard price of £4.95 as of August 3rd. 


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