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Oriflame Power Woman Fragrance

Power Woman was released back in May by Oriflame. Having been surprisingly impressed by Oriflame's Vivacity fragrance I couldn't wait to try this out. 

I adore 'sexy womanly' fragrances. I especially love warm and deep notes such as amber, tonka, patchouli and blackcurrant. I've never taken to citrus or oceanic types of scents for some reason. I've also found that fragrance just like clothing play a huge part in how I feel. When I wear something that packs a punch it makes me feel confident and sexy, when I wear something that just isn't 'me' I tend to feel awkward and uncomfortable all day long. 

As you can image I am incredibly picky when it comes to fragrances and clothing because I know what I like and what works for me. I know there are so many ladies out there who feel exactly the same and who perceive fragrance as being an extension of their wardrobes and style. 

OK the outer box doesn't draw you in I'll admit it, I wish it had more colour like a deep purple banding or a bold flower or well, just something to distinguish it as a great scent. The bottle, on the other hand, works so well. 

As a visual person, I like to be drawn in by the packaging. In this case, fragrance bottles are what draw me in - enticing me to sniff the product. This bottle is well made, it's heavy and made with thick glass which for me says 'luxury'. The colours are so on trend with the purple ombre-effect but all-in-all it's simplistic in its overall design. 

The fragrance is made up of luxurious notes also. Freesia, jasmine and orange blossom combine with patchouli, solar amber and warm white ginger. It had to be a winner with those notes, didn't it? The patchouli, the jasmine and the amber had me hooked from the get-go. 

It's incredibly sexy but wearable. Some 'sexy' fragrances are made with notes that make it too sweet and candy-like this fragrance doesn't. It's a grown-up floral fragrance with deep sexiness that can only make you feel confident and powerful. I'm pretty sure I wanted to yell 'I am woman, hear me ROAR' when I sprayed it on. 

This continues to be my go-to fragrance even above my more expensive branded fragrances. If you're a sweet candy, oceanic or citrus fan then this may not be the right fragrance for you. Equally, it's not always easy to wear during the day or for those days it's incredibly sweltering as you will attract bees. As a work, play and night scent it works perfectly. 

 Evelyne Boulanger and Maurice Roucel are the noses behind this creation. Between them, they created scents such as My Givenchy, DKNY Be Delicious, Gucci Envy and Harajuku Lovers you know this fragrance had to be a hit. 

Power Woman fragrance is available over on the Oriflame website and costs £14.95. You can pick it up by clicking Oriflame


Statement: PR Sample


  1. Seems like such a great fragrance. I love that it has an everyday scent to it - those are the best.

  2. Nice one, awesome information.


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