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Phloretin CF Serum : Turning Back Time


I love clever skincare and find that I buy more skin care products than I do makeup. I suppose it's because I believe in having a good base before applying makeup and a good base for me is my bare face rather than my makeup concealment routine. 

I've talked before about being a mummy to three little boys and I've also talked about the side effect of awry hormones and going through the menopause. Each of these events have taken their toll on my skin and I've now been left with fine lines, wrinkles, irregular skin tone, moles, scars, spots, pimples and hyperpigmentation. Even five minutes in a low sun leaves me with pigmentation marks (possibly due to medications) which can be frustrating, especially when I'm avidly seeking out ways to make my skin Photoshop smooth (we can all dream can't we). 

If any company comes to me asking if I want to try their skin care or body care product chances are I'm always going to say 'heck yes'. Not all products reach the blog however after my vigorous testing, even after testing and buying probably hundreds of products I find there are a few that remain firm favourites. The first being Etat Purs Citric Acid AHA, the second being Medik8 CE-Thione and the third is Skinceuticals Phloretin CF. 

The second two are the most expensive products but I found that these worked wonders and overall were worth the cost based on a benefits vs cost equation - Etat Pur however, is a lot more purse friendly if the prices scare you off. The Medik8 costs around £80 for two phials and the Skinceuticals costs around £150 but the price varies depending on where you shop and what offers are on. 

Phloretin CF is a preventative product and is basically a tough ass kicking anti-oxidant serum. It's used after cleansing the skin and helps to reduce fine lines, sagging skin and most importantly for me was the reduction in hyper-pigmentation. It's suitable for all skin types and doesn't cause any untoward spots or blemishes after application like some other serums do.

It contains 3 ingredients; Phloretin which neutralises free radicals and reduces unwanted pigment, L-Ascorbic acid which promotes collagen synthesis and ferulic acid which is an anti-inflammatory and inhibits UV-induced melanogenesis (changes in the long lasting pigmentation in the skin as well as sunburn), it's a great product to apply before suntan lotion to give it that extra oomph. 

I found after eight days my skin did look smoother, tighter and my pigmentation marks where starting to fading. I'm still using this product after three weeks but will report back around six weeks to tell you if my pigmentation marks completely fade. I'm hoping they do because they did initially cover around my eyes, across the bridge of my nose and the tops and side of my forehead. Now it's only really a little bit under one eye and my forehead - Go Phloretin! 

Application is easy because you simply use the dropper to measure out 5 drops and apply directly just as you would any other serum product. The effects of the product last 72 hours regardless of face washing, bathing or excessive sweating - Once applied the product cannot be removed during that time period as it works by treating the cells internally and working it's way out. 

I know the product is expensive and it's not a product I'd expect everyone to rush out to buy. If you suffer from mild fine lines or youthful skin I'd probably say go for the Etat Pur for now. 
If you suffer from pigmentation marks, irregular or uneven skin tone and lines then I fully recommend you try it at some point. I've been using this twice daily now for around three weeks and you really can't even tell it's been used. The 30 ml bottle will last for months so like I'd mentioned before when you factor in the benefits per use, this becomes very cost effective. You would never find me advocating such a product unless it was an outstanding product. 

If you want to find out more about the product you can do so over on the Skinceuticals page. If you wish to get some Phloretin CF into your skincare routine you can purchase via Bliss World, Derma Care Direct or Mankind


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  1. Thanks for the in depth review. I agree that Skinceuticals is on the super pricey side but the pH levels of their vit c serums are the lowest on the market; very important when it comes to effectiveness

  2. The review is very useful. I always love the products from Skinceuticals, they are expensive but worth it. This products lasts long as only few products are enough for the skin.

  3. Very helpful compilation. I have only been using SkinCeuticals for a few days now and I have already seen a difference.

  4. SkinCeuticals serums are amazing for getting a glowing skin naturally and trust me I am impressed with my skin and I think that my skin is becoming more supple and glowing.

  5. I've never used SkinCeuticals in the past but after reading your review, I thought to give it a try. It worked amazing. Will update you with before and after pics :)


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