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Spooky // Celebrity Doppelgangers

Okay so this is not fashion or beauty related but it's too good not to blog about. I've been interested in people for years, I love how un-related people have physical similarities with others I mean take Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel for example. 

There are a lot of 'doppelgangers' around now and it makes me wonder if we are all really connected in some way or another. Have you ever read about the Seven Daughters Of Eve? basically it's about us all coming from one daughter of Eve, our own line as such depending on our DNA. You can read about it HERE if you've not heard of it before. Long story short when I do come across any 'doppelgangers' I end up completely fascinated and hooked, this is why I wanted to compile this post for you guys. Hopefully you'll find it fascinating too. 

General Douglas McArthur & Bruce Willis

Nicholas Cage & Unknown

Philosopher John Locke & Adrian Brody

Charlie Sheen & John Brown

Ellen Degeneres & Henry David Thoreau

John Travolta & unknown

Justin Timberlake & Old Time Criminal 

Keanu Reeves & Louis-Maurice Boutet

Maggie Gylenhaal & Rose Wilder Lane 

Shia Le Bouf & Young Albert Einstein

Christopher Lloyd & Politician John C. Calhoun. 
Again this guy is unknown but he looks like footballer Wayne Rooney. 
Person unknown but he looks like Gerard Butler doesn't he. 

This was the shocker, apparently it's got conspiracy theorists up in arms. Is Jay-Z an alien? Vampire? robot? immortal? We shall never know but this dude looks uncannily like him don't you think. 


Statement: Nothing to Disclose


  1. omg this freaks me out haha, Now you have me hooked, I want to find out if they're all related!


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