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RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner

I had been debating for a while whether to purchase this product, while I was testing out Nioxin to be exact. I'd got it into my head that caring for the lashes, just as I was doing for my hair with Nioxin might be the way to actually get them to grow; to strengthen them and hopefully make them fuller. 

I really have tried everything in the past from dying my eyelashes to wearing extensions and faux lashes. I tend to feel uncomfortable like I've got a huge hideous spot and everyone's staring at me when I wear faux anything. Faux eyelashes (with the exception of Lauren's Way daytime lashes) feel heavy and leave me looking like a drag queen due to my natural lashes being so short and sparse so I figured the best option would be to give them the TLC they are clearly craving. 

RapidShield is a brush on the product which is so simple to use. If you can apply mascara then you can apply this correctly too.  It comes in similar packaging as a typical mascara does and has the same brush concept, the difference being is that the gel product is clear rather than a black liquid. 

The directions state that you simply brush this one 1-2 times every day on your upper and lower lashes. It works as a lash conditioner and research found that 96% of users had visible differences within 2 weeks. 

Here's the product, you can see how straightforward it is. The product contains Hexatein 3 Complex which is the ingredient that will protect and nourish those lashes back to health. You can wear this under mascara or even over, I've found this is an excellent base coat and when you apply your mascara coat over it lashes look more defined. 

I have been using this daily but for just under a week so I don't really want to advise if this works or doesn't yet. I will report back with progress reports next week and then weekly from thereon. I'll also be reporting on the RapidLash formula also but separately. 

You can get this over on Boots and other retailers but it's Boots I tend to go to. 


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