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Rock & Ruddle Hair Brushes

Having the right tools can really make your overall results better. There are so many blog posts discussing makeup brushes and beauty gadgets but no-one really ever discusses hairbrushes do they? 

The thrifty Mumma in me has always grudged paying for things including those must-have tools. Yes, I have been a brush sinner and I have inconsiderately jumped from cheap brush to cheap brush in the past. When I was younger my mum had the most amazing paddle and barrel brushes, they went missing as I got older and tried my damned hardest to replace them. I never managed to quite find a brush that worked as well as those did and those particular ones were no longer available to purchase.  

Some of the brushes I purchased [and ultimately wasted my money on] were so hard they left tram lines in my head, others were so soft they didn't actually penetrate the hair and the rest just didn't scoop up the hair enough to be considered useful. Eventually, I purchased a standard brush for around £10 from Virgin Vie or somewhere like that yonks back. 

I recently came across Rock & Ruddle and they sounded awesome, they sold paddle brushes that looked as though they might meet my tough standards. Here's a quick peek at my brushes. 

The company is owned by Alexandra Rock and Jackie Ruddle, two awesome ladies who also suffered from brush woes. Rock & Ruddle was created because the two ladies couldn't find great brushes that were colourful.  Rock & Ruddle brushes meet both of those expectations - They are bright and colourful; look the part but actually perform also. 

This cutie is the swirls and stripes small brush, it's 17.5 cm and is the perfect size for popping in your bag although I find it useful as an everyday brush. 

This beaut is the large pink brush and it's so glossy I really love the contrasting colours. The large brushes are 21 cm and are ideal for all of your hair needs but are really more suited to display on your dressing table. I'm thinking these would be perfect especially if you have long or thicker hair types. 

So what makes these brushes so amazing? Each brush is made with boar bristles and a nylon bristle. The natural boar bristles distribute the hair's oil down each hair shaft giving the hair extra shine. The two types of bristles also detangle the hair like a dream and I personally found that one swipe through the hair is enough to get through all of the layers. Some brushes barely get through one layer and you find that you have to keep brushing, this can make your hair greasy which is a pain in the butt. 

I love that my essential tools can now take pride of place - on show on my dressing table. I've firmly found a brand that meets the awesomeness of my mum's brushes and I am just so chuffed to bits, to be honest. It's only taken me about thirteen years to find ones that work this well. 

You can check out the range over on Rock and Ruddle website. 

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