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The royal baby is due today. Apparently, William is on standby just in case bubba Windsor decides to make a break for it.  I know that first babies are typically late, don't get me wrong there are those who decide to make their entrance early but apparently, most are late due to everything being all taut. 

Having had three little boys I know the delights they have coming soon. You think you know what love is when you're younger, even when you get married but it's just not 'real love' in the same way as a parent and child type of love. 

That kind of love is true and deep and in all honesty, it hurts. Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts to think of them not being in your life? You may have watched gruesome films before and thought 'goodness I don't know how anyone could do that' but when it comes to your children you would do it without batting an eyelid - I know I would that's for sure. 

Now that I have my little family I don't tend to go shopping for newborn goodies unless there is a pregnancy in the family but that's so few and far between now. That's why I loved putting together this Royal Baby collection over on my Shopcade. It's made up of a range of boys and girls clothing to suit all budgets. From cute little outfits to handmade romper gift sets. 

If you know someone who's due or maybe you're due yourself I recommend taking a peek to gain some inspiration or to get your shop on. I've also added the fancy new widget above, cool eh! those are items I picked and while Kate and William might not dress their baby in the exact clothing, I like to think they may have chosen some of the items. 

So what are your guesses on the babies sex? I'm guessing boy because she holds her bump way below. I've found boys bumps tend to be wider around the waist. The area where you would normally fasten your trousers or put on a belt. It looks more tear-drop shaped and slopes down, whereas girls tend to be larger above the trouser line. They tend to be more rounded and the bump starts higher than a boys bump. 

I know the majority are eeking towards the girl but I say, boy. Can't wait to find out. 

You can check out my Royal Baby board and other awesome collections by clicking HERE or you can sign up and make your own collections by clicking HERE


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