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Sampar Prodigal Pen | Does It Work?

Feel Unique and Marks & Spencer's started stocking Sampar in May of this year, having watched a heap of reviews over on YouTube it has always been on my beauty wishlist. I'm all about the spot and pimple care as it's something I do suffer from even as an adult. 

There's nothing worse than finally getting your skin clear and looking fresh to then wake up with a dirty great pimple on your chin or your nose. You can use Sampar either before or after applying your makeup and it's ideal for popping in your bag or carry on. Sampar advice using this product four or five times a day. 

Their aim is to uncover the sleeping beauty in all of us, revealing our natural beauty using natural products. While it's a cheesy tag line it's actually genius too when you think of it. The pen works in three different ways providing you with an all-round treatment to help soothe your spots, pimples and mood. 

Anti-Blemish: To stop breakouts apply the anti-blemish treatment to help reduce scarring, pimples and redness. A blend of Lavender, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Cinnamon and Clove provide an antiseptic that helps soothe. Simply roll on regularly to benefit. 

Calming: If you're finding a long flight less than calming it can help soothe your mood, simply apply to the temples so the essential oils can soothe and relax. 

Soothing: The blend of essential oils will alleviate and soothe skin irritations. Great for pesky bug bites, ingrown hairs, cuts and pimples. 

The product smells very herbal and soothing. On the skin it doesn't sting or burn like some other chemical-laden products do, I found a boil I had on my forehead (ugh) definitely looked less red the next day and started flaking and drying up quicker than normal. I definitely recommend Sampar and love that it's more gentle on the skin. 

I also use this to calm myself before bed by rolling some onto my temples. Luckily enough I love the scent but if you dislike herbal scents it might not be ideal for you. Also if you're sensitive to any of the essential oils I'd give it a miss. If you enjoy meditating or are quitting smoking, for example, this is an ideal product to get you in the right frame of mind. 

It's now available from Feel Unique and Marks & Spencer's guys. 


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