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Shrinking Violet

I've been wanting a real purple toned lipstick for ages but most verge on pink or red slightly. I even published a purple lipstick post to try and curb my purple lippy needs but I couldn't satisfy the urge any longer. 

So I was going to purchase the M.A.C Violetta To Shop but didn't want to purchase it and then hate the purple on. I was then going to purchase Barry M's LP156 but wasn't sure how smoothly it would apply. 

So browsing Ebay for my usual thrifty knick-knacks I came across a purple lipstick. Hmm, it looked glossy and smooth and vibrant. It also only cost 99p so I figured what the heck and purchased it. 

These are lightly swatched. Look at that wonderful colour, I honestly was so impressed I took to Instagram to share my cheapy lipstick love. It seems my Instagram and Twitter followers loved this also as I was inundated with people asking who it was by. 

The lipstick is by 'Janet' I hadn't heard of the Janet brand before and typically it would be one I was pass by without a second thought. The packaging is not pretty and I suppose that maybe why it costs only 99p but, the product is better than other high street brands I feel - such as Barry M and Bourjois. 

There are quite a few colours available in this range. These are apart of the 'neon lipstick' range and the one I purchased is on the far right. I have since purchased the red shade in the centre and I'm waiting on it being delivered.  Having looked online and on Ebay these tend to range from 99p up to around £2, I feel the product excels that price tag so if you're looking for a vibrant shade definitely try these. 

My purple shade urge has now been happily satisfied. Have you tried these lippy's before? 


  1. These look fun- very tempted by the hot pink!

    1. They really are awesome hunny. I'd say go for it! the hot pink would look awesome. X


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