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Sleek Blush By 3 Candy Collection

I also indulged in the Sleek blush by 3 Candy collection palette, at the same time as the i-divine palette (review HERE). I've only started to use blusher because I always had naturally rosy cheeks as a youngster. 

This is the 'Sweet Cheeks' palette and it's the limited edition version.The blush by 3 palette consists of  cream, matte and shimmer blushes which you can layer up and blend together to get your perfect shade or consistency. Here are the colours. 

Like the other Sleek products I've used the actual packaging is substantial and heavy. It feels like excellent quality and reminds me of somewhat of Nars. The products are all made with a heavy black cased palette which holds a large mirror, I love that they use larger mirrors. 

The colours are Candyfloss, Dolly mix and Cupcake and they are pretty natural candy coloured blushes. Candyfloss is a cream blush that resembles a dusky rose colour. Dolly mix is a shimmery baby pink and looks amazing on ghostly white skin tones and finally Cupcake is a coral pink matte tone and looks much more natural on than it does in the pan. 

This Blush palette costs £9.99 and like the other Sleek products I've blogged about it is limited edition so be quick if you want to get your hands cheeks all over it. You can find it over on Sleek's website HERE


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