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Sleek i-Divine Candy Collection Palette Review

My second product from Sleek cosmetics was the i-Divine Candy Collection eyeshadow palette. It's another limited edition and I have to say it was Instagram that inspired this purchase. My first purchase was the Lip 4 palette in Tease, you can find that review HERE

There's one colour in this palette that particularly sold it for me, take a peek... 

Can you tell which colour sold it? 

It was 'Pear Drop' that sold it for me, but Pear Drop wasn't my favourite when I tested these out. The colours are from left to right: 

Top Row
Strawberry Sherbet : Matte bubblegum pink. Although this is matte it has a teeny amount of shimmer. 

Bon Bon : A lilac-pink metallic shimmer. 

Parma Violet :A deep aubergine purple with absolutely no shimmer. This is a fully pigmented matte colour. 

Apple Sour : This is a fully metallic shimmer colour. It's really pigmented and reminds me of a jewel toned pastel green that would be found in a mermaids tail. 

Pear Drop : This is the colour that sold it for me based on first impression. It's a matte colour with a teeny amount of shimmer that reminds of of a neon green apple. 

Flump : This is a matte royal purple. It's really pigmented and you only need a small amount. 

Bottom Row 
Liquorice : Another matte tone with absolutely no shimmer. I found this matte black quite hard to wear as the colour tone didn't look even. 

Blue Fizzle  : This is a matte blue with a slight blue shimmer. It really does look two-tone when swatched. 

Aniseed : Not quite as red as an actual aniseed ball this shadow is a metallic pinky-red that transfers more as a dusky pink. It's actually really pretty on and was one of the colours I was surprised by. 

Bubble Gum : A fully matte sky blue. I adore this colour but it just doesn't work on my skin tone or with my green eyes.  

Mint Cream : Matte with a slight shimmer, this is my favourite shade out of the lot. I initially fell for Pear Drop but it's Mint Cream that would make me repurchase this. It's a gorgeous green apple shade, slightly lesser neon than Apple Sour. If you have green eyes like I do you're going to love this on. 

Cream Soda : This is a creamy metallic shimmer colour and looks amazing in the corners of the eye and along the brow bone to leave you looking fresh and awake.  

The i-Divine palette costs £7.99 which is an amazing price considering just how pigmented these are. I've used other brands (Illamasqua for example) that have been just as pigmented but double to triple the price, there is also a colour to suit all occasions or moods. 

You can pick this beaut up over on the Sleek website. 

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  1. I have this palette, and I love it!!!

    1. What's your favourite colour? It's amazing isn't it. x


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