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Sleek || Tease Lip 4 Palette

This was my first foray into Sleek cosmetics. I've seen it doing the rounds on the bloggers-sphere but never indulged myself before now, not entirely sure why because I'm always taken with the awesome colours and pigmentation, especially the Sleek swatches that are added to Instagram daily. 

My first product was the Lip 4 lipstick palette. There are six variations of the Lip 4 palettes, I have the 'Tease' version. 

Tease is designed to suit all skin tones and is made off satin, gloss and matte red lipstick tones. I was really surprised at how easy they were to apply and they reminded me of the Nars Artist Palettes but on a much smaller scale. The packaging is really substantial and well made and again remind me of the Nars packaging. 

Sorry for the poop close up, but you can see the colour variations here. The colours in the palette are:

 Spotlight | Top Left - This is a super glossy deep red.  

 Show Off | Top Right - This is a creamy pink-red and is by far my favourite shade, it leaves a satin finish. 

 Dita | Bottom Left - This is more of a carmine shade and is really pretty, I'm not sure if it suits my particular skin tone though. 

 Paris | Bottom Right - Paris is a super sexy firebox red, this leaves a glossy finish and looks amazing when you build it up. 

I've not got my swatch pics because I'm currently battling a flu-cold thing but as soon as I'm back to 100% I'll be sure to add them for you guys. In the mean-time, you can check out swatches from Beauty and Mess Blog.

I'm really impressed by the pigmentation with these palettes and I definitely want to add the Mardi Gras palette as it has corals, pinks and purple!- I'm a sucker for that purple. I also want to add the Showgirl palette as those pinks are so pretty. The Lip 4 palettes cost £8.99 each and are limited edition so be quick guys. 

You can check them out over on the Sleek website.


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