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Susan Caplan : Vintage Gems

Vintage Gems

I adore vintage clothing and accessories I really do, having grown up with parents who where at their prime during the war it's fair to say I was ingrained to appreciate the little things in life including a well made item of clothing or a piece of jewellery. 

I have quite a few brooches in my collection and some costume rings. The colours are amazing and the details are so unique that I won't ever get rid of them. I also love how each piece has seen a lot, there  tends to be a back story behind each item and most of the vintage jewellery pieces have been hand forged using a lot of time and effort. 

Susan Caplan is one business that offers a range of vintage pieces at affordable prices. You can spend the same amount of a genuine vintage brooch, necklace or ring as you would do in a generic high street store. The difference being is that your friends and family won't be wearing the same as vintage means unique. 

Many of the pieces are designer, I just love the simplicity of many of them such as the brooches and necklaces. You start noticing it's not about how big the gems are or how many carats there are. They stand out because of the cut, simplistic design and the amazing array of colours. 

They just announced that they will be stocking at Harvey Nichol's and they currently also stock at ASOS. ASOS currently have awesome chair earrings, unique right. They are buy Karl Lagerfeld also you can check them out HERE

Visit Susan Caplan's website HERE or Harvey Nichol's HERE

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