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The Body Shop : 21 Years of Body Butter


The Body Shop gave birth to their famous body butters way back in 1992. This year it celebrates its 21st birthday. Over the years the company added more fragrances and ranges to keep up with consumers such as the Shea, Cocoa Butter, Strawberry and more recently the Deluxe Chocomania 

Apparently, there is one body butter sold every two seconds. That's no surprise as this stuff is the nuts. It's really gorgeous to use all over the body to soften and care for your skin while leaving you feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Those that are fragrances such as the Peach, Sweet Lemon and Mango smell true rather than chemical-laden leaving you with a delicate scent all day long.  

So it's their 21st birthday. As a way to celebrate The Body Shop are offering everyone the chance to purchase any body butter for half price for a limited time that's £6.50 *yay* 

Which one (or two) are you going to go for?  Sweet Lemon, Shea butter, Mango, Peach or my favourites Hemp and Aloe Butter? 

You can shop the butters over on The Body Shop website HERE


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