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Top Ten | Feminine Trainer Roundup

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With the weather hot I just love to wear dresses and trainers for a casual style. Trainers aren't normally my thing, that is unless they are feminine and girly. Do you remember the post about the Nike and Liberty collaborative trainers? It's HERE if you missed it. I can't seem to get enough of patterns. I just had to get rid of a ton of fabric as my sewing pile had got out of hand, seriously it's patterns and specifically ditsy florals that drive me crazy. 

I keep seeing more brands making clothing and shoes with floral patterns (which is fab) but it's the trainers I can't get enough of and for me that is strange. I decided to compile my favourites in a top ten, I became so clear once I put together in the image above that it's clearly why I've fallen head over heels in love with trainers once again. 

Now I'm pretty sure hubster won't allow me to get them all, will he? *ponders* nah, he definitely won't be happy if I did that. Which ones would you go for if you had to choose? See the way I see it is the Keds are more of a plimsoll therefore 'shoes' the Nike Dunks are also shoes because they have that raised-hidden heel so could you get away with buying the sporty 'shoes' and also trainers? 

The list goes something like this: 

1. Van Cedar Anchor Trainers  How cute are those anchors, these would be so versatile also wouldn't they. They would go with a dress or jeans easily. 

2. Keds Champion Oxfords See ditsy prints look so pretty don't they. I'd wear these with pride and they would look awesome clashing with another floral print. 

3. Converse Dainty Floral Brogue Is it a shoe, is it a trainer? who knows but it's pretty damn cute and unique. 

4. Joules Lottie Trainers. These take feminine to the next level, I love the bold purple and the ribbon laces. 

5. Converse Double Tongue Trainers It's those pastel colours in the tongue that makes me want them. Is that shallow? These would also go with everything but, and here's the big but I've seen other baby pink trainers go baggy shaped and look cheap. 

6. Gola For Liberty Betsey Shoes. So these are feminine without screaming in your face. They also have the gorgeous touch of the ribbon laces just like the Joules do, would these look out of place on a thirty-year-old do you think? 

7. Nike Dunk Hi Skinny in Carmine These are gorgeous but I'm thinking these maybe the hardest to style up with the pattern being bolder and more spaced out. 

8. Converse Hyperculture Ox Trainers Aztec print I love these but are they too teen? 

9. Nike Dunk Hi Dark Atomic Teal I love these I really do. Can anyone recommend them? are they comfortable to wear?  

10. Converse Chuck Taylors I love these *sighs* these are one of the ones I'm seriously debating, they're just so hipster-girly aren't they? It's that whole yin and yang fashion styling. Feminine pattern, masculine shape equals bliss. 

So you see my dilemma? What's your take on overly feminine trainers? If you had the choice which would you go for? 


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