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Triple Core 3D Lipstick By Oriflame

Oriflame's Triple Core 3D Lipstick. 

Oriflame cosmetics recently launched their range of 3D lipsticks. I had this sitting in drafts and completely forgot to tell you guys about this amazing lippy. Basically the lipstick aims to create an optical illusion effect giving the wearer the illusion of fuller lips. In one single swatch you can create the effect due to the contour, volume and colour the product applies. 

Triple Core 3D lipstick is a one step solution to getting a hot look. Oriflame are the world's first brand so offer this concept and to be honest it really saves so much time. Previously I would apply a base lipstick, then gloss or sometimes a shimmer on the Cupid's bow to get a fuller lip effect. This product excited me from the get-go because I love products that save me a heap of time. I mean who has the time for 3 lip products... 

The lipstick is made of a contrasting colours with a central iridescent 3D effect core. Each layer gives a subtle colour while colour grading your lips.  

Here's the product in it's full glory. Pretty isn't it. The packaging is also luxurious and heavy making it look even more expensive than it actually is. 

Applied and ready to go. My lipstick was the 'Nude Peach' shade, it leaves a really natural but glossy effect and is so suitable for daytime looks. The range also comes in four other shades, the colours are: 

*Nude Peach: Natural beige tone with brown contour shade. 
*Coral Peach: Pale pink with a dazzling coral shade. 
*Red Coral:  Warm coral combined with soft red. 
*Fuchsia Candy: Two contrasting pinks. 
*Berry Pink:  Soft pink highlighted by a bright berry shade. 

Each core section has a different purpose the outer core contours your lips in a darker shade. The middle core highlights your lips giving them the illusion of volume and plumpness, this layer is shimmery and glossy. The final central core contrasts and softens the lip giving them that 3D effect. 

Although I'm not sure what a 3D lip is and what it would look like, it's fair to say that my lips do look fuller and plumper than they normally do. You can see from the swatch picture that they look pretty much even-sized which is fantastic in my opinion. 

I fully recommend these lipsticks. They offer a great range of colours and application of these lippies are effortless. I've yet to find marks on my teeth and the colour tends to last all day. I'm not 100% sure but it seems these have a slight staining effect which stops me having to apply after every drink and meal. I have my sights firmly targeted on Red Coral and Berry Pink. 

These lipsticks normally cost £10.95 but they are on special until the 5th of July so you will need to be quick. You can pick them up for £7.95 over on the Oriflame website which you can find HERE


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