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15 Petite Stars under 5ft 4''

I struggled with being 'petite' when I was younger. Even nowadays I still get pretty bummed about it but only because it can be difficult to get clothing that fits. When I was in primary I was actually one of the tallest, I started my menstrual cycle at the tender age of nine so I was always busty and bootiful as a child - Which is never good when you're trying to fit in. 

When it came to high school I just felt like an average girl trying to fit in, as the years went by I noticed that my feet were a lot smaller than everyone else's then came the trousers. BFF's like to raid each other's wardrobes but my bestie's never seemed to fit, they always trailed under my shoes and dragged on the floor.  

I eventually stopped living in petite denial and realised that I would always be 5ft 1 and that my legs were dinky. While my friends all grew legs for days I was stuck at 29''. Do you know most stores that stock petite sizes start at 30'' and standard leg trousers are 32''? A whole 3'' bigger than my leg size. I know I'm not the only dinky woman feeling this pain over a whole 3'' (mind out of the gutter ladies). 

So to make all my lovely petite ladies out their feel tons better, these 15 big celebrities are also 5ft 4 and under - Crazy huh. 

Mila Kunis: Lovely Mila is 5ft 3. I was a little bit surprised by this because she looks like she has really long legs. 
Natalie Portman: Another one that shocked me. Natalie is only 5ft 3.
Vanessa Hudgens: Petite Vanessa is 5ft 1. 

Kristen Bell: Gorgeous Kristen is 5ft 1 and is 33 years old. She looks so good don't you think? 
Nicole Ritchie: I knew Nicole was petite at 5ft 1 she looks so chic and sophisticated doesn't she? 
Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga is 5ft 1. I can't believe that I'm actually older than her, do you know she's only 27? 

Kourtney Kardashian: 34-year-old 'Kourt' is the dinkiest measuring in at only 5ft. Who would have thought? 
Anna Kendrick: The Twilight and Pitch Perfect actress measures in at 5ft 2.
Christina Aguilera: She maybe 5ft 1 but her height didn't stop this powerhouse. 

Hayden Panettiere: Hayden is 5ft 1/4, So really just 5ft then? 
Kim Kardashian: Kim K measures in slightly taller than Kourtney at 5ft 2 however, Khloe towers above them at 5ft 9.5 - crazy genetics. 
Lea Michele: Lea's 5ft 2 but she looks so in proportion that she looks much taller. I want her legs so bad. 

Hilary Duff: She looks absolutely glowing since having her little boy I think. Hilary's also 5ft 2. 
Olivia Munn: I love Olivia, she's so kooky - she is also 5ft 4. 
Lucy Hale: Lucy's 5ft 2. Did you know her actual real name is Karen? Doesn't quite have the same ooh-la-la to it does it? 

So which ones did you peg as being taller? Were you surprised by any of them? I know I was. 


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