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20 Bad Beauty Habits : Are You Guilty?

Bad habits are something we all have, we know their naughty and we know why most of them are naughty but how many of these 20 are you personally guilty off? 

Biting your lips: When you bite your lips you can also take off healthy skin which certainly hurts. Biting your lips can also spread germs inwards as well as the act of biting can become habit forming. 
Squeezing your spots: We all know what this does, spreads further spot forming bugs and infection as well as increasing your chances of scarring
Not removing your makeup each night: This leads to clogged pores which cause spots and pimples. 
Nail Biting: Tut-tut guys. Do you know how many germs are under those nails? 
Sunbeds: We all know how harmful sunbeds are too the skin but do you still cook yourself? 
Slouching: Posture is the one thing I had drilled into me as a child. I'm glad that I've taken care of it because so many of my friends who did slouch are now suffering from back pain and postural pain. 
Using out of date makeup and nail polish: I blogged about this HERE. Makeup doesn't last as long as you think, take a peek at the post to find out the actual expiry dates. 
Scraping off nail polish: Scraping off the polish can also peel off healthy layers of the nail too as well as drying out the nail plate. Use a polish remover and then treat your nails with some cuticle and nail oils or creams. 
Touching your face a lot: This helps the spread of germs (such as colds) as well as bacteria that cause spots, pimples, and blackheads. 
Not moisturising: Hydrating your skin keeps it supple and healthy if you fail to hydrate then it overcompensated with oil as a means of hydrating itself. I'm sure you don't want congested oily skin, do you?  
Not using sun cream: This is self-explanatory really. Cancer is never a good thing guys. Take care of your skin and your body. I personally use a kids factor 50+ (it's true I do).
Rubbing your eyes: The skin around the eyes is delicate so excessive rubbing can lead to damage, wrinkles and fine lines forming quicker than normal. It can also increase the fallout of eyelashes and eyebrows too. 
Over plucking eyebrows: Eyebrow hairs can only be plucked a certain amount of time before they stop producing. That's why so many older ladies end up patchy (ahem *coughs*). Over plucking is never a good look and it's a pain in the butt having to infill so only tweeze what's needed. 
Over-exfoliating: You shouldn't exfoliate more than twice a week, over exfoliating can stimulate the skin to produce more oil. 
Using hair bobbles with metal bands or rubber bands: Rubber bands and the metal components on hair bobbles actually snap and rub the hair, this leads to damaged, frizzy and split hair. 
Sharing make-up: Noooo! don't do it. Again this comes down to germs. Cold sores or conjunctivitis anyone? no? then don't share or use shop testers lovelies. 
Not rinsing your hair enough: Dandruff, lank and greasy hair are results of not rinsing the hair among other things. Make sure you rinse your hair until it's bubble free. 
Putting your hair up in a turban after washing: This actually stretches the hair and breaks it, try patting your hair dry in sections instead of piling it into a towel turban
Not washing your makeup brushes: Again this comes down to hygiene and the ever increasing numbers of bacteria that build up in your tools. Washing them with mild baby soap should make them more face friendly. 
Using too many heated appliances on hair with no protection: Again another self-explanatory one. Using intense heats on delicate hair strands will cause damage and breakage for sure, give your hair a fighting chance with a protection spray. 

How many bad habits are you guilty of? Personally, I'm guilty of at least two but I'll not say which ones just now anyway. 


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